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    I came to this forum looking for help, and cause I was paniced, I MAY have missed off a couple of pieces of information. Still, my one and only question to date is about 404 errors showing in my logs. They look like a hacking attempt, but knowing how people think, had I said that I may have been laughed at.

    I don’t like being spoken to like an imbicelle, but I do feel posting ‘what the heck is this’ or ‘upload it in a text file, don’t post it on the forums’ as parts of SUPPORT posts are not supportive. I thought, posting the snippets of the urls that are showing up, people MIGHT just recognise it and go ‘oh its this’ thus saving everyone’s time and not asking people to wade
    I’m new here – and I’m already really regretting coming on over.

    So, what’s the policy on rudeness?

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  • It’s very difficult to make determinative statements in re rudeness (that is, the impression thereof) on a totally text medium such as a forum.

    The posts to which you allude aren’t nearly as rude in my estimation as various posts I’ve seen herein in over a year. And you did receive an answer to your question from one of the posters most likely to have good info for you.

    You also got a couple of pieces of information regarding posting here – such as get all the info, and post it in a text file (because doing so would have meant we could have seen the info complete, without the annoying side scroll).

    I’m sorry you felt people were rude to you. Now, that said, you need to realize this is a 100% volunteer support forum for 100% free software. That means that people who post here may not meet anyone’s qualifications for sweetness and light, or for quality of support. We’d all like everyone to be polite and kind but the fact is it doesn’t always happen. And those words, as well as the word “rudeness” carry different meaning in different cultures and parts of the world.

    This is a pretty international group; it’s not really possible to “police” it other than for seriously egregious behavior.

    While not an expert on forum etiquette, you may consider whether they really were rude, or whether you just interpreted it that way.

    I read the thread you referenced, and it appears perhaps you expected more than just the free, helpful advice that you received. Their responses did not appear rude to me until you criticized them.

    Sorry – I’ve had a very long day and didn’t expect quite such abrupt answers – nor people visiting my blog with…less than helpful suggestions.
    Lesson one – I’m sensitive when tierd.
    Lesson two – this is a great community – thank you for hosting it, and I apoligise for any hassle I’ve caused.



    Kaiberie, no problem, you never really said that I was an asshole. Even though most here can and do “classify” me as one sometimes.. I didn’t take any offense of your comments.

    I was trying to help ya…and you weren’t rude to me. So it’s all good. =) And believe me, I know how it is to be tired and “cranky”! I do it all the time offline, let alone online. And especially while drinking…which I’m trying to control now. =)

    But I’ll have to admit, if someone snaps on me or anyone else I like and visa versa, I’ll snap back in a =) Other then that, you’re cool in *my* book.. =)


    No hassles, Kaiberie. And really no apologies necessary. Hopefully things will get back to normal for you, and then you’ll be on an even keel again.

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