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  • Hi, when I use the categories widget, I suspected that this might allow me to create another individual header in my menu with a whole new set of categories that I can set (which would be very good). For example, logically I would like a category “Films” which a list of subcategories, plus I’d like another category, with it’s own header, labelled “Other Stuff”.

    What happens with the Categories widget is that it simply clones all the categories into it, which I find strange. Is this widget working correctly or am I missing something? I appreciate a few people may want their list of categoried in once section of the menu, and the same list in another (very few I would have thought), but wouldn’t it be more useful to be able to create a completely separate and new category with it’s own header and unique list of categories?

    Please enlighten me, I’ve tried for hours to get this widget to do what I want… perhaps it’s not working correctly… it simple clones the existing categories into it.

    Thanks, I look forward to enlightenment.

    Much appreciated , James

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  • Moderator James Huff


    Halfelf Minion 🚀

    The Categories widget only lists existing categories. It’s basically designed to make it easier for visitors to navigate your blog by specific category.

    Thankyou, it would be GREAT to have a widget that does what I thought the Categories widget would do though. Fingers crossed for you developer guys out there!


    Why do you need a widget? Why not create a custom menu in the sidebar that just deals with category you have in mind?

    You can also have sub-categories in a tree structure. That makes the top level of your Categories a bit cleaner. That does depend of course whether or not your categories will work in a tree.

    Thanks for your suggestions, I’m still a little bit new to WordPress, I will play about with the custom menus. Very much appreciated. Have a good day.

    I want exactly the same as you.
    I dont understand why that is not standard.

    Please wordpress make it standard.


    The plugin “AVH Extended Categories Widgets” has what we want.

    So why cant the standard category widget not be like that?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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