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  • Anyone please, I need help to identify the location of code that I need to amend in my CPanel for a YouTube Video that I created by adding a Custom link and URL of the YouTube video to my Top Navigation Bar. When you click it the video runs.

    QI) How do I setup the video to autorun when the page is launched?
    Q2) How do I set up a loop? The user can close it.
    Q4) How do I remove suggested videos before and after launch? I only want the embedded video to run.
    Q5) In CPanel, ‘File Manager’ Which folder/file will the Youtube code be located?

    I tried a couple of folders and files but was unsuccessful, e.g. wp-content…

    Anyone’s help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi,

    1) Go to youtube and open video. Click on Share on bottom of video and then click on <>Embed icon. Choose the desired options and click on Copy
    2) I think you can use &loop=1 at the end of youtube video URL. For example:
    4) You can uncheck option Show suggested videos when the video finishes before copying the code
    5) You can see the link of your youtube video by following these steps:
    a. Open wordpress admin dashboard and go to Appearance > Menus. Select the menu name and see the name where your video is embedded.

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    Thanks, @maninder for your suggestions which I tried out but they didn’t seem to resolve the problem.

    It wasn’t clear where the <>Embed code should exactly be placed. I tried after the Url in Appearance>Menus>Custom Link/Url

    I have attached a screenshot of 1) Suggested videos still after the video plays 2) The coding from YouTube with the 2 boxed unchecked 3) The WP Dashboard/Appearance/Menus/Custom Link/URL 4) The codE Using Chrome ‘Inspect’ when you right-click page whilst in WP Customisation

    I also tried locating the file in CPanel/public_html/wp-content/themes/oceanwp/assets/css/style.min.css. That is the path that I got from the Chrome browser ‘Inspect’, but I can’t still seem to be able to locate the reference of the embedded video –

    Thanks for your help.



    May i know your website name so that i can answer your questions better after seeing it?


    Thanks, It’s still in the build but it’s


    The website isn’t working.

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