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  • Hi, I used to use the stable 2.* version, but my hosting has 32MB memory restriction for the PHP, and I constantly got “Memory Exhausted” when I started generating the sitemap. I had like 300+ posts. I switched to the 3.* beta release and everything seems fine.

    Anyway, I am preparing a new site, and I am working on it locally. I set my local PHP memory limit to be 32MB like the one on the hosting company, and I used a custom-made PHP script to fill my local wordpress installation with 7000+ posts. The new 3.* release start behaving like the old one – I started to get Memory Exhausted fatal errors.

    So, are there are limits to this plugin ? Are there any requirements for large-scale blogs with at least 1000+ posts ?

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  • I took a look at the source code. IMHO it’s a crappy one – it is good that the plugin authors strive to do OO PHP code , but I think this is too much – this is a lot of overkill. The plugin itself is 139KB! This means I have to load this fat pig every time a page load is required. Why are all the images stuffed inside the PHP code as inlines ? Can you just put them in the same folder as the plugin – this will make the php code a lot lighter, the PHP engine will take less time to parse it, and everything will be quicker! The OO code is just ridiculous – I see a lot of useless stuff there. And the whole approach is wrong IMHO — why do you accumulate the sitemap to a string in the memory ? Isn’t it better to write it directly to a file leaving the memory free ??? The only issue here is file-locking/file-sharing, but there is a workaround for this using temporary files – look how Smarty creates its compiled version of the plugins — does it stuff all the code in the memory: NO, it writes them to a temporary file, and upon completing the job, it renames them to the required filename.

    I hope you will recognize all my ideas on optimizing this plugin, and you will try to implement them in the next release. Otherwise I will have to do my own plugin 😉

    Thanks for your comment! Some of your points are true, some don’t really affect the performance.

    There is new version of the plugin in the pipe since some weeks which uses unbuffered mysql results and won’t allocate more than 1MB of memory even for 5.000 posts.

    Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to completly test it yet. It changes a lot in the script so it will need a little bit more time to release a “stable” beta version.

    If someone wants to try it out, please write me an email.

    Thanks for the new version and thank you very very much for all your time creating this and updating it.

    Your time, creativity and energy are all very much appreciated.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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