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  • Hi-
    I’m a bit of a programming hack and I’m considering trying to build a payroll processing prototype using WordPress for my UI with a back end database that holds user (company and employee) info. Goal is not to create scalable code but to make some pretty UI with limited functionality (account creation, employee and business info data setting and getting) so that I can sell the concept and then throwaway the prototype. Someone smarter than me would build the final product properly.

    Curious if there are any extensions or plugins that might help with the database, account creation and making calls and displaying the data in table format. If not – curious if anyone has any prototyping tool recommendations that might be a better starting point than working through WordPress.

    thanks in advance for any guidance.


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  • Hello;

    Did you ever resolve this question? I have pretty much the exact same situation and would love to know if there is a set of tools that would let me mock up something in WP, connect it to sample data, and show the prototype to the customer.

    Please let me know if you found anything!

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