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  • Okay, okay, I know it might be a silly question to you all, but I’m actually a little confused here.

    I went out searching for some software for my website to be able to post happenings with my family, some pictures, and stuff about my interests. What I came up with was a plethora (sound messy enough?) of choices!

    It appears that it’s broken down basically into two camps: blogs and cms. It seems that you can take a cms and configure it to do blogs, but on the other hand, you can take blog software and through plugins and other enhancements pretty much turn it into a cms. Is that basically it? Kinda just where you start from?

    If that’s the case, then WP is probably what I want. Start out simple and add on from there. I guess the only concern would be how far I can take it, but I can’t see WP being the limiting factor here.

    So, again, I ask: What is the difference between blog software and a cms?

    Thanks for reading,

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  • I could probably come up with several paragraphs on the differences, but since I prefer to see this literally, a weblog *is* a CMS, since generically, “content management system” describes one major feature of a weblog’s functionality. So perhaps it’s easier to see things like this:

    A weblog is a subset of CMS applications.

    CMS is a portal used for news mostly and stuff. A weblog is a blog for personal use to post about your life or something else.

    CMS has alot more options then a blog (Like It might have a shoutbox included in it, etc..)

    I’m with Kafka. Weblogs are a subset of CMS apps. I run my site as if it’s a CMS system, though it still is approached as an ordered blog.

    Most of what makes CMS systems different is:
    – how you enter articles
    – how articles are seen/grouped
    – what types of sidebars/plugins are available
    – what kind of forums are available
    … etc.


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    CMS: More of a professional environment in which more than one author submits articles. Typically expended to contain reviews, media (images, audio files, video files), and forums.

    Blog: More of a casual environment in which usually one author submits articles. Typically does not contain reviews, media (images, audio files, video files), and forums.

    Weblog is really just a subset of content management systems. A CMS can be everything from a portal, to an intranet site for information storage or document management. It’s generally a system that should make it easier for one or multiple authors to create and manage content and also to make this content easily accessible.

    Google has these results:
    Yahoo! has these results:

    Thanks for the replies. For my purposes I decided to go with a blog and add on what I need. I now have a basic WP installation going on my friend’s server. That was quite the experience! He has IIS and it didn’t quite work ‘out of the box’. Thanks to some very helpful people like yourselves, I was able to get it working.

    NuclearMoose — I put basically the same search into Google before I posted here. The answers mostly had to do with ‘using a cms/weblog, what’s the diff between this and that’, or something to that effect. Not really the answers I was looking for. I clicked on your Google link today and guess what? This thread is #2! LOL!


    CMS – Content Management System = System for managing content of all types. (wikipedia:
    Weblog = A System for publishing content that is USUALLY chronologically based and that encourgaes interactivity.

    Hope that helps

    D’oh! What a dork I am.

    I was looking around the WordPress Codex to learn just what it can do, and what do I find??? A couple of paragraphs on ‘The difference between a blog and a CMS”.

    Live and learn.


    Ok, let’s toss another monkey wrench into the works – PORTAL

    I’m looking for something to integrate my WordPress blog, my phpBB forums and my main website content (all static, no dynamic content) into one big system.

    I’ve been searching portals, but would a CMS be better? From where it stands, I don’t think so, but I may be wrong.

    Anyone here have suggestions for integrating everything? Currently everything is under different subdoamins but I can always chage it a the same domain and different folders if need be. (Hurray for FTP 😛 )

    Here’s what I’m working with: Main site full of info My blog my forums, currently underutilized.

    This is one of the main reasons for integration. I want people to make comments and discuss the info on the main site. Also, (since comments in WP 1.5 aren’t working anyway) I’d like WP comments to be available only to me and for users to use the forums for their comments.

    I not only want to integrate everything, I want to consolidate the look of everything.

    Any help?

    I looked at all of the cms, about 7 of them, available via cpanel on my domain. I tried almost all of them over 7 months starting last year.

    I know next to no php. Well, I can spell php, thats it.

    I tried wordpress and I went with it because I liked the support and the ease of use. I tend to lurk and see how common questions are handled by those on the forums. The outstanding help here is why I went with wp.

    As for combining three sites, you could add the info to the blog, and have a link between the blog and the forums. Or if the info site is your domain, link it to the blog and back to the info site with page links. Or add the blog to the info site. Redirect in your blog subdomain using the .htaccess file to the info site.

    It will all depend on which is the domain, and which are the two subs.

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