[resolved] What's the difference between my WordPress URL and my Site URL? (4 posts)

  1. jwool814
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi everyone. My name's Jeff. Unfortunetley, being new to all of this, I created a wp.com blog account before I realized I really wanted to use a wp.org site setup. Now I'm getting confused. I realize that wp.com, as distinguished from wp.org, provides blog hosting and other limited services, but what is this business within my wp.org dashboard's General Settings, asking for both- a WordPress Address (URL) and a Site Address (URL)? A WordPress URL and a site URL? My site URL, from what I understand, is my URL provided by my host, correct? So am I supposed to enter my wp.com URL in the WordPress Address (URL) slot of my wp.org General Settings? If so, what's the reason or benefit/function for this? I'm totally confused and would much appreciate any tangible clarification because eventually I plan to assign my custom domain name and would prefer to stay away from any name swapping and such until I'm ready. Cheers!

  2. fonglh
    Posted 3 years ago #

    No you're not. Your self hosted site has nothing to do with WordPress.com

    The WordPress URL is for the URL to the actual WordPress files, while the site URL is for the URL to your site. This is only useful if you're installing WordPress in a subdirectory but want the homepage to be accessible from the webroot directory.

    See http://codex.wordpress.org/Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory

  3. jwool814
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thanks for the response! OK. I think I understand this is simply a file management preference for ease of admin operations. Well then, I'll just leave that alone for now. Thanks!

  4. saibhreas
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'm confused. I want the only url showing form any page to be 'piratesrow.org' I do not want my http:siobhanr.com/... showing anywhere. how do i change the url's properly.
    I tried the 'change --edit site url by editing the wp-condig file only to have the site not let me in. I have been going around in circles on setting up a child theme but weaverii pro does not make that easy either.

    can someone help with very simple commnds on what files to change so that my home, and then every other page shows only http://piratesrow.org as the root / url??? please help!

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