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  • 1. I’m on WP 2.7 and getting to know it a lot better. But something has me baffled. In the whole framework of WP, there is a facility called “Downloads” over under the Tools panel dropdown. I thought I understood what this is for but apparently not. I thought I could set this up and people could download from it but then I can’t seem to find the option to allow/permit downloading the files I have put. Where exactly are the users supposed to see the “Download” button – in the sidebar??? If so, I can’t see anything obvious to “install” or set up the so-called “Download” button. Does this require another plug-in to facilitate “Download”ing. Again, I may be off base as to the intent of this download section. Wish I knew what it was for.

    2. Now, if a file is sitting there in “Downloads”, why can’t I hyperlink to it within WP? I’ve tried about 6 times to copy/paste the download link (from pulling up the “edit” screen from the file’s info line) into one of my pages but so far it yields only a 404 file not found. Yet I can upload the same file into the “Media” section and the link works. Could someone please shed some light on the difference (if any) between what’s called a “Download” and what’s contained in the “Media” section? Media to me, means pictures, sound files, video content, etc. and not necessarily .docs, .xls and so forth.

    I’d like to hear from some of you on these. Thanks very much.

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  • OK, nevermind…

    I figured it out. It’s the Download Monitor PLUGIN that I’m working with and not something inherent to WP. I had the wrong idea as to how “downloads” work. I had even forgotten that the plugin was plugged in! Basically, downloads/files are stored and you can actually “post” or insert them into pages, etc. using the handy interface which includes some nice text labeling provided by the Download Monitor plugin. I now believe that you cannot “link” from the download collection as you can from the “Media” collection.

    Only problem now is SABRE seems to conflict with Download Monitor when you go to set a download in place in a page. I’ve referred the two errors I’m getting to the DM author. The SABRE author hasn’t looked at my comments on his blog yet.

    As I said — nevermind 🙂

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