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  • I noticed over the years that the plug-in’s creator was increasingly angry with its user community. Apparently, he was asked for a lot of support but I guess he wasn’t receiving too much financial support. He limited support in various different ways …

    And at one point a few months ago he made support for the plug-in completely inaccessible. Even access to the installation guide disappeared.

    Since then, two new avatars show up as the plug-in’s creators. The installation guide is available but support questions aren’t answered or resolved and Marcel Bokhurst, the real creator is completely inaccessible.

    This has been a great plug-in, but I’m worried about its future. If you know anything about where its development is going – or other good alternatives, please share that info.

    I’d also like to know how to resolve repeat error messages about ID objects that I can’t figure out and can’t get rid of.

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  • Could you find out anything about it? Me neither … 🙁

    It is already quite some time ago that I sold the plugin, so I am not and cannot be involved anymore.

    The plugin was removed from for some time because the new owners violated the guidelines.

    Until I sold the plugin I always supported the plugin and support was never limited. I was not angry, but after literally years of support I was tired answering the same questions over and over again, despite most questions being answered in the FAQ. This was the main reason to sell the plugin, only the new owners appeared not to be so supportive as I hoped. Since I have signed a contract there is no way back.

    Too bad about the support of the plugin. I bought it quite some time ago and I am still using it. But…posting to several FB pages at once was a great feature, which is gone now. (That is why I bought it)
    I can’t find a proper replacement so I am still using it.

    Yeah, I want to publish to multiple pages as well.

    It was a great run when you had the plugin. Now, I see errors and notices that deprecated functions are used and occassional PHP errors. Too bad — it was fun when you had it.

    I think the new owners tried the monetization thing. Now, the only function I use the plugin for is to push the link on publish. I believe I should probably write a hook function myself now and make my own because they are letting this plugin fall apart.

    Thanks for the good years with this plugin!!!

    Are there any alternatives? Or is it better to start over? 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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