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  • Who wants to help a girl out here?

    I have FreeStats. I used it fine with blogger but it doesn’t seem to work at all since I moved to WP. When I use the FreeStats “verify” it tells me the code is there and working.

    I have a paid account to StatCounter. It seems to work but… I recently added a free wp plugin (SlimStats) which counts and ‘sees’ things that StatCounter isn’t counting or seeing AT ALL.

    I posted the link to my blog on a message board and asked people to help me out by clicking. Those clicks were seen and counted by SlimStat and not seen nor counted by StatCounter.

    Honestly, I only want ONE stat program but I’d kind of like one that WORKS, ya know?

    SlimStat seems to count all the bots and crawlers, which the other ones don’t do. Plus it’s not all that configurable.

    So what the heck is my question. Hmmm… first, what is the best stat software (paid or unpaid) that will help me track visits, hits, uniques, referrers, etc.???

    Second, why do the various products out there track soooo inconsistently???

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  • For alot of the questions, couldn’t you just ask the support peoples for StatCounter? It’s paid after all right.. my as well get your money LoL! =P

    For others, just play around with some’s a list of some.. Maybe some other people will tell you, or point you to a “best” stat plugin and such.. Good luck!


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