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  • If I sign up with a web host for my blog, do I still have to pay the $25 a year for my site like I have been? Or is the fee to the new web host the only cost I will incur?

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  • By default, a site on is free – but you can buy additional services such as extra disk space, a domain name, premium themes, and so on.

    My guess is that you bought a domain name through WordPress?

    Every domain name has an annual cost, regardless of where you bought it or where you’re hosting your site.

    Yes, I bought a domain name through

    So are you saying that if I subscribed to a web host, the annual cost of maintaining my domain name registration would be included? Or would I continue to pay WordPress for the domain?

    See, I’m trying to figure out how much this all costs. Right now I pay $25 for the domain, but that’s it, since I have a free WordPress account. If I add Web Hosting, how much more will it cost? That’s what I’m trying to determine.

    To keep a domain name, you’ll have to pay an annual fee. If you let WordPress (the organization, not the software) keep taking care of your domain name, you’ll have to pay them $25 every year.

    That is not connected to your web host — you pay them for space on their web server, and this is not related to the domain name you got from WordPress.

    Here’s the things that will cost you if you want to have a blog:

    – your Internet connection with Comcast
    – your domain name ($25/year in your case)
    – web hosting (around $5/month for a small, low-end account)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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