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  • How would I do this — a plugin, a PHP code, or a script?

    Reverse-parse all the links in a post, and make a List of URL’s appear at the end of the post. It’s like a bilbliography of the links shown in the post. So at the end of the post it would append this:

    Link 1 –
    Link 2 –

    Someone please write me an ingenious PHP code that I can plop into my theme please (pretty please)! Once I get that, I’m gonna figure out how to put it into wp-print so that my Print Posts will have a text list of the URL’s instead of just underlined words. Here’s my example page I want to have this at the bottom:

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Thanks Podz. That led me to about 20 different links. I found 2 other “Footnotes” plugins, but not quite what I am looking for, so i posted comments on those plugin makers blogs, basically saying this:

    Hello, I want a plugin LIKE THIS EXCEPT it would make automatic footnotes of all hyperlinks in a post where the footnote would be the actual URL with the http://www typed out.

    The reason?

    So that on my “Print” CSS view, if a person actually prints a post, there will be footnotes with READABLE links that can be typed into a browser, not Hyperlinks on underlined words where the address is hidden.

    Could you make this for me? Please email me if possible.

    By the time you wait on someon else to do it.. it might save you time by copying and pasting the link at the bottom of the posts that need it ;).. unless you want to hire someone lol

    no offense meant to anyone.. 🙂

    unless you want to hire someone lol

    For a reasonable price I would paypal…

    By the way, GaMerZ the plugin author of wp-print was able to put this functionality into wp-print 2.0 and it is working great for me, doing just what I wanted when I asked this post

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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