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  • grrr I am getting frustrated with godaddy hosting service- a lot of timeouts and lots of time wasted.

    What are some of the top hosts that are running some of the popular blogs?

    *not real big on hsphere as a control panel- my only real pref.

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  • I use, very reliable so far and superb technical support.

    Moderator James Huff


    I’ve been really happy with . They’re very dedicated to supporting WordPress and offer a one-click installers for WordPress, phpBB, Advanced Poll, and osCommerce. Their prices are very reasonable. The only downfall is the one-tip $49 setup fee, but if you can spare it, you won’t regret it (and just in case, they do offer a 91 day money-back guarantee).

    I’ve been very happy with

    If you have a DSL connection witha static IP address you can always run your own web-server and host your own site. My site doesn’t have the bandwidth which a professional hosting firm can offer, but it’s sufficient for my needs and it’s handy!

    I’ve been very pleased with Suprass Hosting – and I’ve heard lots of good things about Blogomania (which is owned and run by two WP users no less).

    as i´ve mentioned before, kudos to
    very good service – they´ve even installed the freetype library just for me the other day. of course they offer fantastico as well as tons of other services and scripts…

    and the prices are more than competitive.

    I’m also using Dreamhost. It’s all working nicely for me (though I got in before they increased the set-up charge). They offer a lot for the money, and I’m quite happy with how it’s going so far. I don’t expect to be taking them up on the 91 day money back offer!

    One of the features I like is their extensive knowledge base, which has solved at least one annoying problem for me. is excellent as well.

    Before deciding, on whatever you decide, be sure they allow WordPress, database access, PHP, and the requirements set by WordPress… and then look for other features you might want like autorespond, mailing lists, statistics, BBS, and whatever else you need. Really compare hard cuz there are a lot of great hosts, but when you get down to the very brass tacks, they may say they have X, Y, and Z but you end up paying more to get Z – the fine print.

    There are also several sites out there that review hosts and permit the public to review the hosts they use. Check those out thoroughly to see what’s going on. Sometimes you only see the whines because people are more vocal when its a negative issue than positive, but that information can help you, too.

    It’s like moving house, so go carefully and don’t kill your other system for at least three months. I used to say three-six weeks until my last move when I was told it would take 24-48 hours and I’d be ready to be up and moving and it took almost eight weeks, and six of those were with no online website because the old host’s time had run out. #$%@$%*!

    I am thinking along the lines of textdrive and hostforweb I know that the devloper of wordpress is working with textdrive and hostforweb is hosting and they are always fast.

    Say away from godaddy for hosting- everything else is fine with them but no reliability

    Total Choice Hosting is excellent.

    Why, TextDrive of course.

    I’m pretty sure they support WP, since they host the thing and all 🙂

    I know this is an old topic… and there is the WordPress hosting reccomendations. But I would love some more feedback from folks who are working day to day with hosts. I’ve had between 13 and 25 domains and ay given time all on HostForWeb, but I’ve been dealing with really spotty service lately.

    Anyone have good recomendations on hosts?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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