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  • Mine.

    No, his – then mine.

    This is like the question “Who spits the best?”

    Anyway, look here for some links:

    Search and ye shall find: KUBRICK!!!!
    It lives at and most WordPress blogs use a version of it.

    I don’t think it’s an outrageous statement at all, most of the new blogs posted in Your WordPress are using Kubrick and if you care to check out the Kubrick forum you will see MANY happy users, there are even screenshots showing how people have adapated it for their own blogs.
    People who criticise Kubrick are just jealous because they don’t have the talent to produce something as good.

    Kubrick does look good out of the box, I must say.

    At least I tried to help the guy with a constructive suggestion, rather than post smartass comments. May I respectfully remind you this is a support forum, not ‘Beel’s place for one-word posts that help no-one.’ Your blog would be the best place for that kind of thing.

    I rest my case. Even Kubrick bashers are secretly Kubrick users 😉

    Okay, guys, we have other threads to respond to. Move on.

    I have to agree with alphaoid: it looks good. But it’s a little bit boring to see all over the same one template (not to mention that the older versions suck in IE, on single post pages). And to call something “the best”… it’s a totally useless exercise, since it depends on personal taste.
    I’d rather see some effort on behalf of a newbie to create his/her own style that reflects the blogger’s personality than to have to stare to another kubrick clone asking for ‘what’s your opinion about my site’. I have seen so many wonderful creative sites without any kubrick input that I started to wonder: having handy such an attractive, good looking template does or doesn’t help people? Whether is it good to offer ONE template that would stop people to think about personalizing their site or is it bad?
    p.s. of course, my own design is the best – for me! because I made it 🙂

    And a nice looking blog it is, though I am curious as to why the storycontent is indented so far?

    Moderator James Huff


    Another vote for Kubrick:

    I’m with Beel on this… there is no one “best” template/theme. I’ve used my own home-grown, Trident, and now Kubrick. Each one had what I wanted as my wants and needs changed, so did the template I used.
    moshu – sorry to disappoint you but my site is now sproting the Kibrick-clone look. At least it isn’t stark white. So far I like it, and that the most importaint part at this time. Maybe later when I get some spare time, I’ll work with it a bit more to make it less Kubrick looking.
    I think generaly people can be creative enough to tweak a site to their liking & tastes, but most of us (me included) need something to start with. Some kind of foundation upon which to build the rest of the site.
    But there is no panacea as Beel put it, and there never will be.

    ^^ I really like what you did to it. Good WOrk.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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