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  • hi everyone, i hope someone can advise me on the best way to structure my wordpress and website.

    the plan:
    the website is going to be bilingual (arabic and english). each language has its own section. the front page of the website is going to prompt the user for their preferred language and then re-direct them to the section of their choice.

    whether the user chooses arabic or english, the front page of the section is going to be ‘general’. the ‘general’ page should aggregate all the posts from all blogs, except some blogs that shouldn’t be included in ‘general’, such as ‘personal’

    the ‘personal’ blog should also have its own set of categories.

    and every once in a while i may take interest in something new. i want to be able to create a separate new blog for different interests. each of those blogs should be separated from everything else. they should have their own set of categories.

    for example, say i wanted to write about ‘mobile computing’. i want to be able to create a subdomain on my website (Ex, and have my visitor go to this domain and view a website that, to them, looks very autonomous from my other sections and pages.

    hmm, it seems that i already outlined a structure above, but wordpress may have a different style of structuring. i hope someone more familiar with wordpress can tell me how i can restructure my website to make it work with wordpress.


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  • Jason


    If they are to be seperate blogs entirely, I suggest you check out WordPress MU.



    If you have many databases available with your host, you can also consider multiple instllations on different subsites. WordPress MU is best for foreign users who sign up and manage their blogs independently.

    well, i’m with yahoo smallbusiness. through phpMyAdmin, i think i can create as many databases as i want.

    which is the easier solution for me, multiple installations or wordpress MU?

    on wordpress’s description page it says “due to its complexity installation and maintainance is not supported in the same manner WordPress is.”

    is it really that complex?




    They say it is – and you won’t get any answers here for MU.
    But I think if you don’t need to have other bloggers on your site to have their own blogs… then you were mislead by being directed to MU. It seems to me the previous two posters are quite not knowledgable of WP (one doesn’t even has a WP site linked to his name!), so forget the MU and think categories or, in worst case scenario: multiple WP installs.



    RETRACTED (please IGNORE) (@moshu, have you actually explored the site? The linked address is a gateway… and I have 4 WP installations. I find your comment a tad offensive.)

    Update: many apologies, Moshu. I guess I was being paranoid and I’ll retract the comment.

    @schestowitz, perhaps YOU were not the person moshu was referring… so before jumping to conclusions, and assuming anyone was attempting to “offend” you, you might fully examine the entire post.



    It’s not a big deal that I don’t use wordpress. Not using it doesn’t mean I don’t know it.

    There IS support.
    There is LESS support.
    But there IS support.

    Yes, you can do this with multiple categories, but MOSHU DIDN’T BOTHER TO READ THE NOTE ABOUT USING A SUBDOMAIN PER TOPIC so that makes things more complicated.
    The easiest way to accomplish this with a single installation would be

    I still stand by my recommendation of MU WordPress if you want absolutely different and ISOLATED blogs.
    Remember that with a single wordpress installation, anyone reading mobile computing could easily stumble to personal via a few links.
    With MU, or seperate manual installations, it’s harder, because there are less links (or even none!) in between blogs.

    thanks for your suggestions everyone. i really appreciate all of them.

    i found that the easiest way in my circumstances is to use multiple installations. Yahoo SmallBusiness web hosting made this really easy for me. With only a few clicks i can have a second, a third, or a fourth instance of WP. as many as i like.

    i just have to keep track of the changes i make in core files so that i remember to copy them to my new installations.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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