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  • Yes, I’ve searched the Forums and also Google. There seem to be a lot of conflicting methods… Javascript, DHTML, CSS-only, etc. I tried to follow a CSS-only menu tutorial but it seemed complicated for tossing in a few options, and it produced fancy colors when I’m picturing the default dropdown look.

    What’s the right way for me to create a Simple dropdown nav menu, for my sidebar? Where every option in the dropdown goes to a URI (with my own custom URI’s and the word you select in the dropdown), with a little grey “Go” button.

    Basically I want the same thing as wp-dropdown-cats produces, except I need to add my own links in addition to the categories, which I can link by-hand if the template tag doesn’t work with custom links added.

    Thanks for any tips or code for this

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  • Now we’re cooking to a boil. The above-example is starting to work for me. Now, I would like to add my Categories. I can make option values for each category by-hand, but then I wouldn’t get that pretty little show_count #.

    How can I add wp_dropdown_categories or wp_list_categories into the option value list? I tried putting this in there on a line by itself, didn’t work,
    <?php wp_dropdown_categories('show_option_all&show_count=1&echo=1'); ?>

    On my site right now, it’s goofy because I have 2 drop-down menus side by side. I want to combine.

    thanks everyone for the continuing help on here

    I’m looking to do the same thing, that is have a drop down for cats and have it link as soon as they select with OUT having to hit a button


    ladynada, the “drop-down” option in the Categories widget should do what you want. (It uses JavaScript.)

    I’ve been reading this thread and wanted to know if there is a plugin to convert my long ‘Archives’ list into a Drop Down Menu. I am using the Connections theme.

    Or suggesstion for coding to impelement would be a great help.

    Cathy Tibbles


    This tool here will create a dropdown menu for you, with either a “go” button or a direct link, and all you have to do is enter your desired url’s, and it spits it out for you!
    btw, I’m searching for a dropdown too for my links/ bookmarks , which isn’t native to the wp-link-bookmarks tag. Which, by the way, the above does.

Viewing 6 replies - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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