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  • This post isn’t a critism in any way, in fact, I’m very happy with my WordPress installation as it is.

    I just so happened to have found a few spare minutes yesterday so I was browsing around the TRAC Roadmap and noticed that there were 73 open tickets holding up the release of 1.6. Feeling a little abitious, I took a peek inside there to see if I could find something small to get my feet wet in WordPress coding. It’s been a little while since I’ve done some serious PHP programming and I figured it was time to give back to WP since they’ve given me so much 🙂

    BUT in just about every ticket I opened, there was a patch that’s already been submitted and not a single ticket had a comment saying the patch was tested and was working, not working or needed tweaking! Huh? I can’t imagine that the WP team is lacking testers; It seem all I read about these days is how great WP 1.6 will be.

    So what’s the deal – what’s holding you guys up?

    And more importantly, how can I help?


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  • Test the patches and attach new ones if they’re busted 🙂 As usual, many people are testing what’s checked in but fewer are trying out what might be checked in.

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