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    We’ve released a new version of the Facebook plugin with new code to manage author Facebook accounts and permissions, improved management of an associated Facebook Page, improved Open Graph protocol media extraction, and general code cleanup.

    Author Facebook accounts

    Site authors should continue to manage the connection between their WordPress account and their Facebook account through the WordPress profile screen. Facebook now adds its own section to the profile screen to display currently granted permissions and prompt for new publishing permissions if not already granted.

    Authors may now choose to associate their Facebook account for a Facebook-specific byline without granting permission to publish articles to their Facebook Timeline. The Facebook plugin will output special markup with each post to attribute an article to the author’s Facebook identity.

    Author permissions use a combination of server-side PHP code for the display of known permissions for the profile being viewed and client-side JavaScript code to prompt for new permissions and associate a new account.

    Developers: if you previously tapped into login.php for custom code extending the Facebook plugin’s behavior your code may no longer function as expected.

    Associate a Facebook Page

    Storing Facebook Page data for your WordPress site now uses a combination of server-side PHP and client-side JavaScript. The Facebook plugin now exchanges your Facebook account’s short-term access token for a long-term access token when verifying access to the saved page.

    If you previously experienced issues publishing to a page try removing the page from your site on the Facebook Social Publishing and saving the page again to generate a fresh access token to be used to post to the Facebook Page on your behalf.

    App access tokens in more places

    Version 1.5 replaces some requests made using the Facebook SDK for PHP with an active user session to app access token requests not requiring an active user session. These new permission checks and other calls should improve performance and availability of plugin features in non-browser environments such as XML-RPC.

    New Open Graph object types by post format

    A post using the video post format is now auto-classified as an Open Graph object type of video. You may override the Open Graph object type early in the Open Graph protocol generation process using the new facebook_og_type filter. This filter also affects Open Graph actions for the object, overriding the news.publishes action associated with an Open Graph article for sites with an approved Open Graph action.

    Open Graph protocol media discovery

    The Facebook plugin takes advantage of the new media APIs in WordPress 3.6, get_attached_media() and get_post_galleries(), to better expose large images in Open Graph protocol format.

    The Facebook plugin will attempt to extract video and audio attachments for video or audio post formats respectively.

    Dashicon font

    The plugin now includes a custom font to display a vector-based icon in the administrative interface menu. The custom font should inherit administrative theme styles including hover and active coloring similar to MP6 dashicons.

    New setting for child-directed sites

    The Facebook settings page includes a new option for sites and services primarily directed to children under 13. Sites knowingly targeting children may choose to display a limited set of social plugins with enhanced privacy options using the Facebook SDK for JavaScript’s kid directed site setting.

    Removal of option migration scripts

    The Facebook plugin no longer contains migration scripts to maintain options set in plugin versions 1.0 and 1.1.x. Removal of these files improves plugin stability and removes an extra option request with each load of the administrative interface.

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  • Hi,

    I’ve downloaded this plugin, but am having a very hard time understanding where you even use it.

    Every video and post I’ve seen shows pages that don’t even exist in my wordpress settings (and yes, I’ve activated the plugin and even linked my FB page to it, but that’s all I have the ability to do).

    It’s not showing up in the left-hand sidebar below settings, as it seems to in everything else I’ve read/watched. I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to edit settings dealing with posts and the like/send button.

    Please help!

    Plugin Author Niall Kennedy


    gfreevegetarian: please start a separate support thread with issues you may have so they may be addressed individually instead of attaching a support request to a specific version’s release notes.

    niall is right


    I installed the plugin and I linked a user of wordpress to my facebook user, but I can no longer disassociate these users.

    How do I?

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