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    We’ve released some major changes to the Facebook plugin for publishers interested in publish to Timeline and Comments Box functionality.

    Social Publisher

    Setting up a news-specific Open Graph action has been a major hurdle for publishers interested in publishing to Facebook. The plugin now supports a basic publishing endpoint roughly equivalent to the Facebook Feed Dialog for publishers just getting started with the Facebook plugin. Once a publisher has successfully setup an Open Graph publish action you may enable publishing Open Graph action publishing through the Social Publisher Settings in your WordPress administrative interface.

    Upgrade note: If you previously setup a Publish action with User Messages, Tags, and Explicitly Shared capabilities you should visit the Social Publisher Settings page after upgrading your plugin to continue to take advantage of special distribution and story highlighting features on Facebook.

    Comments Box

    Comments Box has moved from just after your post content to a full replacement for your theme’s comments template functionality. Posts with existing WordPress comments will now display those comments followed by the Comments Box social plugin. You may customize many pieces of the comments display using actions and filters similar to WordPress default comments functionality; See “Custom actions & filters” under “Other Notes” in the plugin listing page for more information.

    If you previously applied custom CSS rules to the Comments Box social plugin you may need to reapply styling to the new comments template placement.

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  • This change to the comment structure is causing issues to the way my comments are laid out:

    Edit: having so far gained little substantiating e help I have reupload we the previous version of the plugin to align the comments correctly and to resolve issues I have been having wi the site lagging since the new version came through.



    Can someone please help? I just updated to version 1.3 and the comment box has disappeared:

    The comment box did appear under the posts and events.

    Can someone send me a link to the previous version until this gets resolved?

    Hi, this new version was a problem for me too. I have to get back to the previous version. I used this plugin to enable facebook comments on my sites, but when I upgrade it, the facebook comments box dissapeared, because I don’t show the regular wordpress comments, and apparently it’s now integrated.

    You should let the users decided if they want to have facebook comments only, or facebook and wordpress comments.



    I agree, You should let the users decided if they want to have facebook comments only, or facebook and wordpress comments. as my site uses WordPress comments as ratings. Reverting back to the old version is the only solution I have for now.

    Glad to see the Comment Moderation Tool. Finally, I have a way to track what comments are made on my site on old posts.

    I just have two suggestions:

    1. Can we be allowed to log in as Pages to the Comment Moderation Tool?
    2. Can we receive email notifications whenever someone posts a comment on one of our posts?

    +1 to receiving email notifications on comments. client wants. need.

    but for the record i have this one working for now:

    Hi – Just wondering if there is a peice of code that I can add so that the background to the plugin is not transparent … against a darker background image – none of the text is legible.

    any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks 🙂

    While it is a step in the right direction to show previous wordpress comments, commenting should be allowed *both* by the wordpress system and the facebook system.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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