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  • Resolved Jonas Lundman



    I cant find any change log, and after testing the update, it still has the un-logic stuff I modified away from the last version.

    Example with using “-” and lowercase, no prefix.


    From disk: _My blogNamephoto_1234-.JPG
    Should return filename : my-blognamephoto-1234.jpg
    (And the title : My blognamephoto 1234)

    But this new version still returning as the old one:

    From disk: _My blogNamephoto_1234-.JPG
    returns filename : _my-blognamephoto_1234-.jpg
    (With the title : _My-blognamephoto_1234-)

    • The start and endpoints must cleanup
    • An option to not mix the separator
    • The separator should be included after custom prefix to avoid prefixmypicture.jpg and return prefix-mypicture.jpg
    • Title should be preserved or cleaned smarter if pdf vs image

    My final question is what changes are made in the code as a construction? Should we just keep our own modded version or re-modificate the new update.

    This is still one of our Core plugins, we love it!

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  • I second that! I wonder how difficult this is to inform the users what changes were made? Thank you.

    Plugin Author Paolo T. (pixline)


    The readme.txt file was lost due to a buggy git->svn publishing script, and I didn’t notice it. I’m sorry for that, it shoud be fixed right now.

    @jonas: As I wrote in a previous thread looks like your modification were made on a different uploadplus version I couldn’t track.

    The code still is a branch on the project github and I’m trying to tackle down and merge it, something should be already merged some way. Feel free to contribute, sadly my spare time is almost vanished right now and my working time barely makes a living.

    Plugin Author Paolo T. (pixline)


    Merged a lot of your suggestions in this branch:

    A small breakdown:

    1) Separators and letter case should be fixed now. A few test cases were added to deal with your scenario.

    2) I’m not going to add the EXIF prefix filter option because I don’t like to mess with $_GLOBAL, if you have another suggestion feel free to submit that.

    3) I’m going to add a few filter to let your modification be in a function.php file or in a custom plugin, I feel it’s the cleaner solution for everyone here. Of course, opensourcing and sharing in the forum your modification is more than welcome.

    4) Attachment title and some prefix options should be fixed. I’ll look better in the next days, looks like the plugin needs a lot more tests and it takes time to write them.

    5) The plugin now should work with brainstormmedia/git-plugin-updates plugin. Plugin from github should be more up-to-date than the release.

    Thanks for your answers. As I can see in the change log you implement a better safety for hidden exif data. Very good. This is why we wanna keepu up with the original plugin and updates, and compromise a little rather then createing a perfect world of our own…

    The Exif prefix as “date taken with camera” if you write “exif” as custom prefix, we created as a separate plugin, that sort the images into date folders too. This is another way to go without merging with your plugin.

    There is diffrent scenario for each user and webbmaster when it comes to file names. But over the years with clients all over the world, A consistant “look” with separators and lowercase is the main objective in 99% of cases. They rather choose that – before preserving special original prefix in example PDFs like "Invoice-2009_ver.1.2.pdf" and are more happy with "Invoice-2009-ver.1.2.pdf" But I cant answer for all users here at WP. More “options” are always one way to go, but as You mentioned, Free plugins doesnt provide food on the table…

    I will move my topic and nearby to suggested Github forum and marking this as solved.

    Thanks for the changelog, and thanks for keeping this plugin alive and updated.

    / J

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