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    hi ryu authors and auttomaticians! what’s new in ryu 1.1? i switched just recently, and i love it, even if i’ve hacked up the css a fair amount: . i’m looking forward to the new stuff!

    (i almost considered checkout out the repo and diffing the 1.0 and 1.1 dirs, but i figured this might be a bit more effective. :P)

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  • aha, i found the changelog in trac. you might consider adding a Changelog tab on the Ryu theme page so people can see the changes without dumpster-diving.

    regardless, thanks again for the update!

    = 1.1 – Jul 22 2013 =
    * Cleaned up content templates and remove redundant title attributes.
    * Uses term description rather than taxonomy-specific descriptions.
    * Moved away from using deprecated functions and improved compliance with .org theme review guidelines.
    * Updated license.
    * Make sure the private var $color exists inside the Tonesque instance before attempting to get a maxcontrast value from it. This prevents a fatal error when the processed file is not gif, png, jpg, or jpeg.
    * Tweaked the slideshow style to match.
    * Reset the default padding for VideoPress.
    * Cleaner way to check if social links need be displayed.
    * Move the style adjustments for the contact form out from to Jetpack.
    * Lets the Customizer hides/displays the header texts.
    * Disabled hover card in the Custom Header admin.
    * Removed all @since DocBlocks.
    * Uses imagecolorsforindex for creating the colors in rgb values to avoid issues with gif images.

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