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  • Hi Charles,

    I am using Living Journal. Kindly tell me where I can find what’s new in the updated theme 1.1.1.

    The style.css calls @default.css. How do I enable child theme?
    Is it possible to replace images with CSS background-image properties?

    Thanks for the wonderful theme.

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  • Hi @drashok, you may follow the guide in the links below on how to create child themes. @default.css will be called as long as you also call the parent theme’s stylesheet correctly. Just add the following to your child theme’s style.css:

    @import url("../live-journal/style.css");

    Hi wpthemesnz,

    I appreciate your reply.

    You mean @import url(“../living-journal/style.css”);
    Got it.
    Can we call the Living Journal style.css using functions.php in the child theme with <link rel > instead of @import?

    I fail to see what was changed in update version.

    The visual appearance of Living Journal is awesome. Images in the theme however are not good for Page Speed and YSlow.

    Is it possible to replace background images by CSS3 background-color box-shadow?

    Too many questions, I guess.

    Best wishes,
    Ashok Koparday

    hi @drashok,

    oops! yes it’s living-journal not “live” 🙂

    #1. if you wish to call the parent stylesheet – style.css – using functions.php in the child theme, I would suggest the following code:

    function livingjournal_child_load_css(){
            wp_register_style('livingjournal_parent', get_template_directory_uri() . '/style.css');
    	wp_enqueue_style('livingjournal_child_style', get_stylesheet_uri()', array('livingjournal_parent'));
    add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'livingjournal_child_load_css');

    no need to put @import in the child style.css file.

    #2. Inside the theme folder, there is a file called changelog.txt. This contains the summaries of the updates.

    #3. Thank you for the compliment. But, no, we can’t use css3 since the design we require cannot be duplicated using css3 alone.*

    regarding #3, actually it may be possible, but it would require convoluting the html to add graphic hooks for the css3 stuff. and even then, we’d still need some images (albeit smaller this time).

    Anyway, what grade did you receive in YSlow and Google page speed for the images?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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