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  • I wanted to repost something from another WordPress blog. So I clicked on the WordPress link and was asked for my blog url. I thought it was but when I enter it I am told it is an error. So then I typed it in the way it is shown in the sample url, I have my wordpress set up with a graph paper press template through PhotoShelter. I don’t know if this has something to do with it.

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  • That’s a issue, this is (for self-hosted).

    You could try their support.

    Why is it a .com issue? When I am logged into my WordPress admin page and click on the Help tab it takes me to the Support page. I looked up the difference on and this description fits what I have when describing the pros and cons of .org: (self-hosted) Benefits
    Ability to upload custom themes
    Ability to upload plugins
    Complete control to change code if you’re technically minded (self-hosted) Cons
    You need a good web host — This generally costs $7-12 a month, or thousands of dollars per month for a high traffic site
    Requires more technical knowledge to set up and run
    You’re responsible for stopping spam
    You’re responsible for creating and maintaining backups of your site
    You’re responsible for updating the WordPress software when new versions are released
    If you get a huge spike in traffic, your site will probably go down unless you have a robust hosting setup

    Your first link works.

    However, based on description of your second link as a sample URL, it sounded like a issue to me since I don’t know of anywhere on here that would show as a suggested sample URL.

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    I wanted to repost something from another WordPress blog.

    Which other WordPress blog was this that had the original content? Hard to say what the issue is without knowing more about what this undefined “repost” mechanism is.

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