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    Hi all,

    First off I’d like to say thank you for using Simply Poll, it’s great a little project I did in my spare time being used by lots of different people around the world. I’d also like to apologise for the lack of updates in regards to the plugin, the main reason being the slow down to Christmas and then having a break away from the computer for a week. But I’m back now and working on the next update of Simply Poll.

    Most of the issues reported I believe should be fixed in version 1.4, as well as some improvements made to the code base to allow easier editing the plugin. This is also the start of a move to Simply Poll version 2.

    Simply Poll v2 will include proper support for features such as theming, better admin interface, custom text, import/export options and the removal of limited number of poll questions! If you have any other request you like to be added to Simply Poll v2 then please let me know and I’ll try my best to get it included in the new version.

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  • Always a feature to include images would be nice.

    The coolest feature, which I don’t think any one has, is allow those who sign up to be able to create and add their own polls (without making them administrators). Even regular WP install or Buddy. Let people create their own, can’t see or edit other people polls, and any images / media they want to include they need to link too.

    That might make it a bit less than simple though?

    Change it to awesome poll! 😉

    Plugin Author WolfieZero


    haha, it wouldn’t be as simple though, but I might steal your idea and create a spin-off project called “Awesome Poll” that adds more complex features. But images is a good idea and I’ll add that to the list.

    Though just to clarify, would these additional users be bloggers as well? If not then how would you see the polls?

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Steal away, just share a copy? 😉

    Yeah, even just a normal WP install.

    Subscriber = No Poll Creation
    Contributor = Allowed to Create Polls and Post them, but need approval.
    Author = Allowed to Create Polls and Post them, no approval.

    At least I think that’s how the normal roles usually work for posts? They just can’t see other people’s polls in their Dashboard, but on the front end, everyone can see the polls that are posted (in however way the Admin has it set up).

    Something along those lines. More complex would be determining which poll features you get at each role, lol.

    Edit: I built a site to include the poll feature for members, actually, polldaddy was the best I could find.. but on launch day for whatever reason, polldaddy was just not behaving. So.. pulled the plug on that. But.. have thought a lot about this type of plugin you could say.

    Plugin Author WolfieZero


    Ah I see; I should be able to add that to version 2. It’s actually user roles in poll creation is a good point as I’ve not considered it yet.

    I’ll add that to the 2.0 todo list now. Thanks!

    Awesome! Is there a way to subscribe to updates? 🙂

    (And dunno how easy it would be, but allow the admins to edit polls instead of just deleting them, if there is some content that needs to be removed, and possibly allow certain roles to customize polls. Perhaps limited customization, or to keep it simple, the Admin can create a bunch of themes and allow users to choose from them)

    Plugin Author WolfieZero


    If you want to keep track of updates the best bet would be to follow here (or the RSS feed).

    Theming is going to be the next big thing in Simply Poll; so you can choose a theme for a particular poll or use the default (that you can specify).

    Editing polls is an interesting one. I thought about this when initially developing Simply Poll and thought against allowing people to edit them as they can skew the results to their liking. Take if GoDaddy was using Simply Poll and asked “Do you agree with SOPA” and 99% of the people answered “No”, they could then go and edit it so it says “Yes”. I may add the feature in so as long as users haven’t voted then it can still be changed.

    Thanks for the link!

    Oh, I don’t mean editing the results. Like for example, a user posted a poll with an image the Admin thought shouldn’t be included on the site, instead of deleting the entire poll, the admin could just edit out the picture out.

    Then again, I believe the poll code could just be removed from the post or the post made a draft, so I guess that isn’t really a needed feature.

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