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  • Anyone having issues with custom fields saving?

    A customer of my Market Theme pointed out to me that since he upgraded to 2.5, custom fields were no longer saving on the first try. He has to go back and edit the post and re-add them to get them to save. I gave it a shot on my WordPress 2.5 test blog and got the same result.

    Only one custom field will save (one which only saves standard text). A custom field for a price (with of dollar value such as 25.00) and other custom fields which feature a link to an image (ie: as well as other custom fields with image code wrapped in a link (ie: < a href=”link”>< img code >< / a>)

    I know this is not a theme issue, because WordPress should be saving custom fields regardless of what the theme is which is displaying the content.

    I’d like to get this figured out as soon as possible, as custom fields have major uses in my theme.


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  • Anyone?

    I am having that same issue. I have to go back and edit the post in order for them to show up. Pretty crappy

    i just found this solution on another thread:

    This is not a fix but a workaround for the moment:

    Before creating your custom fields SAVE your post.

    After that everything should be Ok.

    haven’t tested it yet though

    Thanks. Hopefully this is fixed soon. This is a true pain in the ass for people that use lots of custom fields.

    Ya, that kinda works but what if it was already saved yet still doesn’t work? Thoughts?


    Has this bug been put into trac yet? And can anyone offer any other solutions/workarounds?

    yes the bug has been put up on trac

    i face the same problem with wp2.5.1

    using the turnaround fix to it
    save it nce n then add the next cf , then publish the post


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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