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  • I have blogged for a long time but am relatively new to wordpress, I now have 4 people registered on my blog, at

    what does this mean, that they are registered what should i do about it, do they have more permissions etc

    Can someone explain what this is for and how it can benefit my blog

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  • hmmm so no one knows

    how it can benefit my blog

    I don’t see any benefit in letting people to register to a blog.
    Why would YOU need that? More exactly: why do you have that option “open”?
    (admin > Options > General: membership)?

    ok you can turn it off…thanks but what does it mean, what is it for?

    they are probably spammers and they hope you give them permission to write post or to send comments .

    Unless they are really dumb, spammers don’t register accounts because they would have to give up working e-mail addresses. They usually initiate spamming by posting a simple comment like “Hey, this site is very cool” or some meaningless message like “jkhse” to see if the moderation function is on. More importantly, if you post your URL here, their spiders will put it in their spam lists.

    And moshu is right about registering an account. The registration requirement is meaningless for anyone’s benefit.

    >what is it for?

    If you register an account, you can post comments with the same name instead of having to come up with a name every time you post a comment. That’s all.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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