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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this? I have a layout for a team section. Each member has a blurb, photo and title.

    To make it easier for the client to update, it would be best if each team member had it's own entry (page or post type).

    I'm thinking that using pages might be better for WordPress, but I'm not sure. other then bloating the functions.php file when setting up a Custom Post Type, are there any other risks of using these instead of child pages?

  2. Eric Mann
    Posted 5 years ago #

    For that specific use, I'd recommend using pages with custom templates. That way you can add custom meta (photo) and still produce it on the page.

  3. Pages would be my pick, if there would EVER be a possibility that I'd be moving content between ... people, I guess.

    But you're thinking domain.com/team and then domain.com/team/joe-bob and domain.com/team/ann-marie ? Yes?

    This is sort of perfect for a CPT. They go to the 'team' CPT and add in a team member, make it pretty, etc. It's separate from the rest of your content, so it acts like a separate site.

    There's no real bloat to worry about, though I recall that having thousands of pages can cause slowdowns so that might be a deciding factor.

  4. Thanks for the answers Eric and Ipstenu. I think I'll go for pages right now, since they won't be adding too many and updating these frequently.

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