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  • I have been reading the bad reviews and I just dont get it. What do people expect from a free theme? The features of a Premium? That´s just ridiculous.

    Of course WP Simple has a few downsides to it, but which free theme doesn´t?

    Personally, I find it easy, quite manageable and customizable, functional and aesthetically cool.

    A few downsides I found, which I´m going to mention just to highlight them to the creators for development, not to critisize them, and which are the reason behind my 4 rather than 5 rating:

    1. No image logo can be uploaded
    2. Dropdown navigation parent not an active link (i´ve been explained the reason behind it by Support. It makes sense and it´s totally justified. A completely different thing altogether is that user may not like it).
    3. Boxed content in regular static pages. My view, shoud be full width or at least have the option to choose.

    I´m sure as I progress with the theme I´ll find a few more things I don´t like but, I insist, one just has to take a position to take it or leave it, it´s free, for goodness´ sake. What do people expect from FREE themes? Geez.

    Saludos from Madrid

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