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  • I am very curious to know what a weblog program like yours does. What is it’s purpose? I am also curious to know if this thing has a built in reciprocal Link Checker?
    Any information about this program and what purpose it servers, is greatl;y appreciated

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  • I’m using it to communicate with my relatives on Mars. Seems some strange space ships have appeared recently, causing quite a stir.
    The purpose of the software is to serve me. So far, it hasn’t served me anything, even though I placed my order some weeks ago. I don’t think that WordPress has much of a future in the service industry.
    I’ve heard that some people are actually using WordPress to publish stories, share photo galleries, give opinions, and promote their own causes. Other people create software and things and use WordPress as a tool for getting the word out about their work.
    One guy here likes to take WP to the Opera, and he keeps waxing poetically about Opera, but nobody can figure out exactly what he’s talking about. I suppose people are attracted to the standards-compliance of the code, and the simple beauty and elegance of a robust, highly-customizable piece of free software.
    WordPress was nominated for 17 Academy Awards, 13 Golden Globe awards, and won the prestigious Pouce Coupé Grand Prix for allowing Canadians to use the software.
    Other than that, I can’t think of anything else.
    You can get some information from the ABOUT section of this forum as well.

    NM you are positively out of your antlers my friend. 🙂

    what’s a “reciprocal Link Checker”? Sounds way cool.

    NM: Cool! LOL

    NM: Maybe we should use wordpress on those mars landers for better communications? 🙂

    Blogrolling has a similar feature called “RecipriRoll”.

    NM, I read your reply last night and about fell out of my chair from laughing so hard. Still equally as amusing this morning. LOL!

    OJ: Any links to RecipriRoll? I would love to see how it works!

    Ask a simple question and get and receive an from a wannabe comedian. Is the support always this ridculous. I need real answers people, not jokes.
    jeeese people

    The answer to the question was contained within the framework of a light-hearted response. Sorry to see that you have no tolerance for fun.
    It was also suggested that you read the sections of this site where there is specific information about the software. Some people do that for themselves while others need to be led by the hand.
    My parents told me not to move to this planet. They warned me about how some Terrans are, but NOOO, did I listen?
    It only takes eight muscles to smile – try it! You’ll like it! It makes you feel good inside and out.
    Have fun!

    This guy is in charge of the docs, so you better get used to his unique brand of humor 😉 We’re expecting a readme in the form of crop circles.

    life is dull. humor is good. 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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