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  • I’m not inclined to be negative for sure when it concerns something for free but in this case it’s in everyone’s interest to understand that it;s not all as it seemes. On the WP-Deals website, on WordPress, On the Tokokoo website and in reviews posted on the web you’ll see screen shots of features and themes that have long been discontinued or have never been implemented. This plugin is NOT supported by multiple themes, only 1, the stock control module does not work, the reporting is poor, you cannot accept an address for merchants to ship to?? QR Codes are not there, I can go on..

    If you want to buy the theme developed for this plugin be aware. The Tokokoo website forces you to buy a years subscription to technical support (the theme purchase itself was offered when I visited but didn’t work) and this support has not been available for months and there is no information on when it will commence yet you are paying for it.

    If you are a developer and want WP Deals as a base tool then I recommend it. If you are like me and have limited programming skills then I recommend another solution.

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  • Just an update for you. Tokokoo agreed to refund the purchase of their theme designed for this plugin because they couldn’t provide support on either. Regretfully when Paypal asked if they had received the product in return (standard practice) they declined. So this was Tokokoo’s method of avoiding paying out 59 bucks. I found this petty enough to post this even though I may be accused of being petty myself.

    As before I believe the plugin is essentially a decent product just don’t expect support and multiple themes to support it.

    Hi Cornwolf, I just want to add, although the WP plugin is free, and as a developer I have access to the source – it has been a bit of a pulling hair out exercise.

    Unfortunately this is what you get from a “free” solution.

    But again I have to stress, this is by no means a polished product, and if you do not have the technical skills to fix the poor implementation, then this solution is going to lose you real money, when things on your site don’t work.

    I’ll hire you to fix the plugin on my site.
    My email is my username on here at gmail.

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