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  • halr9000


    Hi, I just went to the w.bloggar website and noted that it is compatible with several XML-RPC APIs, and that it is recently compatible with WordPress. I’ve searched the forums a bit, and I *think* that WP supports MT and metaweblog APIs but the post I read was more hearsay than authoratative documentation.

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  • phiali


    I’m busy writing a smartphone client to post to WordPress and can tell you for sure that WP supports the (standard) blogger API as well as the more advanced Metaweblog / MoveableType API’s.

    w.bloggar 4 (11 Jan release) works fine with WordPress.



    does it work fine? on the w.bloggar webpage, they said you needed to use the old xml-rpc file, since the latest one changed something.



    Well I’ve been using WP1.2.1 with an XML RPC file I pulled off the net. So not sure what version it is that I’ve got.

    Perhaps give it a go and try!

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