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  • I have been running my photolog, delineate, since last September. It has been fun, it’s been work, and I have learnt a bit in the process. My photolog is primarily bunch of changes to WordPress’ styling and code to make it better tuned for this purpose.

    I had earlier released its code, so you could set up a similar site if you wanted to.

    I have been having some ideas to improve its functionality, and have finally gotten back to changing parts of its code again. Before which, I wrote up a writeup containing proposed functionality (stuff I wanted added). Though I assumed it was a “high level” collection of notes, people who have seen it have suggested many more changes, some fundamentally different from the way it is now written and works.

    These include:
    o support for arbitrary sized images
    o the provision for attaching some descriptive text along with images, if they’d like to inform the viewer something
    o to make it a (WordPress) plugin, and not an arbitrary collection of hacks
    o extraction and display of EXIF information, and some intelligence on the site’s part based on what it reads (or doesn’t find)

    My question is this. If you’ve been looking at selecting a photolog tool, attempting to implement one, or use one but would like something improved, what would you add/want added to it? If something seems important to a large enough group, I will attempt to add it. Also, suggestions for adding all of this and more without cluttering the existing interface are also most welcome.

    I am cross posting this message across different forums on the internet, and if I don’t get back to responding soon enough, please e-mail your suggestions to


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  • When they say WP plugin, are they suggesting that it be the entire site; as in a plugin that only uses WP as a photolog? Or are they suggestin that it be used as some sort of gallery where descriptions and such can be added with the image?

    It sounds like a nice idea, and I’m sure it would increase the popularity of WP for those who wish to use it as aphotolog site, but find it difficult to do with the way things are at the moment.

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