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  • how do I link my webpage link to my blog page? All files are uploaded correctly to my server, and I originally had the link to the wp-admin install file, which when I hit the link in my webpage tells me wordpress is already installed. So how do I now get to the blog page?

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  • Unless you’ve changed it to a sub page, your blog posts should show up on the index page. This means that you should link straight to the root of your wordpress install. Put another way – if you haven’t put the install in any subdirectory, you should just link to your site’s url.

    Or, to simplify:
    If your site url is
    Then (if we assume you haven’t changed the posts page to a different page than the default) all you have to do is link to

    Hope this helps.

    Are you trying to link a blog site to your web site? If so just put a text widget in side bar and place link in widget. You will have to put code in the widget to make it work.
    <a href=”http://URL/"target="_blank”>name</a>

    Does anyone know the name of the actual main WordPress file to make a link to (so when on own website page and the link is clicked, you are taken from own website directly to the main WordPress page)?
    Help would be appreciated. Thanks

    Link to your WordPress URL (where your blog lives). You don’t link to any WordPress file, just to this URL. Just remove the following from your current link:


    Thanks for your response. I’m new at this so a bit confused. You mention ‘from your current link’, I don’t have a current link from my website to the blog yet (this is what I want to create). Or do you mean the ‘wp-admin/install.php’ is the link which actually launches my blog? And is it this link that needs to be removed? If this ‘wp-admin/install.php’ is the link, where/in what file can I find this link please? I have no idea of the structure of WP or what is where, sorry! Clarification would be much appreciated.

    iridiax Thank you. On my webpage I put in a simple full path link to the main directory of my WP blog, and it worked. Now I can click from my website to go directly to my blog. Thx for your help

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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