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  • I’m in the process of installing and configuring my blog that will be one feature of my established website. I have downloaded the WordPress software, but I’m not sure what username and password I should cite for my WP account. Should these be the same as the ones that I have for my website or should they be different ones? I don’t want to have to go through several check points in order to access my administration data for WP when I’m working on various pages for my site. I would like to keep this process as simple as possible without jeopardizing my control of these files. I haven’t seen this exact matter addressed in any of the guides that I have read on installing WP or the FAQ on this forum. Any suggestions that anyone can give me regarding this issue will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    The username & password specified in the wp-config, is used by WordPress to access the MySQL database and you never have to input those manually once WordPress is set up.

    Once you have set up WordPress, you will initially log in as admin with a system-generated password which is emailed to you. It is advisable to then set up a second administrator account with a strong password, log off and then log in with that account and delete the default ‘admin’.

    Choose something you will remember for both username and password & the password shows as ‘strong’ when you initially set it. It does not need to match any other username / password on your system.

    To add to what numeeja said, you have the choice to change your username during the installation process from “admin” to something you like, so you don’t have to create a new user after the installation.

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    Hi numeeja,
    I’m trying to follow the instructions for Installing WordPress from the Codex document. I’m looking at those for “Using phpMyAdmin”. I get confused trying to figure out what to do next.

    I understand that I need to create a wordpress database, but I don’t understand exactly how to do this. Apparently the name for this database could be “wordpress” or “blog”. Then, according to instruction 2.1, I need to “add a new user”. Then, according to instruction 2.2, I need to “choose a username for WordPress”, like “wordpress”. Then, according to instruction 2.3, I need to “choose a difficult-to-guess password”.

    No where in these instructions does it say anything about getting any username and password being “specified” for me in “wp-config”. This process may be simple to anyone who has gone through it, but it is like a maze to me. I’ll do my best to follow the printed instructions that I have from Codex. Maybe I’ll be able to get WordPress set up. Thanks.

    I went to my cPanel for my website and made an effort to follow the instructions for “Using cPanel” to create a WP database. I apparently have a database with a name, a user name, a password, and “All Privileges”. The “names” each include the basic user name for access to my website. I don’t know if these will be retained or replaced in subsequent steps as I set up my blog. This is a primary matter of confusion for me. There is a “Connection Strings” cited, but I’m not sure what to do with it. I guess that my database blog is still not completely set up and installed. I see some instructions numbered step 3, step 4, and step 5 in the Codex, but I’m still confused about this process. I don’t want to get a blog installed on my website that isn’t ready to be displayed to my viewers and managed by me. And I still don’t understand how many different database accounts I need to set up with user names and passwords in this process. I hope that someone can lead me through this “maze” of instructions. Right now I don’t know what to do next.

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    Often the MySQL database name & the username will be the same and you’ll have a password. The hostname is often ‘localhost’ unless you have been advised differently

    I’m still trying to figure out how to set up my blog and get it installed into my website. I still don’t exactly understand the citation of user names and passwords in the various steps for setting up my database.

    Also, Step 4 in the Codex for Installing WordPress instructs me to “Upload the Files”. What exact files are these? These instructions tell me to “upload all the contents of the wordpress directory (but not the directory itself) in the root directory of your web site”. What are these “contents”? How will they be different from the “directory itself”?

    And I don’t exactly understand the difference that is created by installing my WP database in the “root directory” of my website or in a “subdirectory”. I don’t want all of the settings for my blog to control the data in other non-blog features, so does this mean that all of its “files” should be uploaded into a “subdirectory” of the basic “root directory” for my website? Can I create the necessary “subdirectory”, or how does this get created on my host’s server?

    I need a lot of help in getting through all of these instructions. I’m sorry to make a “5-minute install” so difficult. I appreciate any help that anyone can give me. Thanks.

    If you are not familiar with using an FTP client to upload files to your server, if you are unable to distinguish between your web host’s dashboard and WordPress’s, if you cannot follow instructions on how to set up a database, and a user, assign a password to that user, and then assign that user to the database, you might want to visit the WP Pro forums and pay someone a small amount of money to set it up for you. I can tell you that if you have an existing site, you shouldn’t be dumping WP into the site root anyway.

    The directory is a folder on your site. (On your hard drive, it’s called a folder.) The contents are the contents of those folders/directories, be they files or other subfolders/subdirectories.

    I’ve done some more study and learned several things to answer some of my own questions. I’ve learned again that “directories” are “folders”. I’ve learned that I can create a new “folder” called “blog” on my host’s remote server. I’ve learned that I will be able to easily upload all of the folders and files in my initial “wordpress” folder to the new “blog” folder on the remote server. I assume that the files in this folder will manage my blog and its features while the files in my other folders will manage the other pages of my site.

    I recognize that there is an “index.php” file in wordpress, and I also have an “index.php” file for my website. How will these two files be distinguished from each other? Will their different locations keep them from any conflicting operations?

    I think that I’m making some progress in learning how to get my WP database blog set up and installed. The instructions in Codex are excellent. It just takes me awhile to understand the details. Thanks.

    You indicate this: “I can tell you that if you have an existing site, you shouldn’t be dumping WP into the site root anyway.” This really confuses me. I want my database blog to be a part of my website and not a completely separated medium. I don’t want my website to be a part of my blog. I assume that such a distinct arrangement is possible.

    I plan to install my database in a subdirectory of the “root” directory or folder on my host’s remote server. Isn’t that where it should go in order to make it distinct from the other contents on my site?

    Please clarify the point of your statement in light of the above question. Thanks for your help.

    My site is in the directory WordPress and the index.php is in the root (highest level of httpdocs).
    But I also have a test site in a directory wptest and its index.php is in the same directory. I open that site through:

    Hi WordPress Experts
    I love the idea of using WordPress but am having extreme difficulty in uploading the wordpress folder from my desktop to my ftp hosting site. Not to mention then using the Twicet package on it. Having just read the previous posts I’m now worried that I shouldn’t be doing what I am – putting the wordpress folder in the same place as my existing website folder/files etc, etc.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Pro help would be great as I’m completely lost. The enticing WordPress phrase ‘A 5 minute install’ is a touch overstated for a novice like me. Time is money and I’ve spent too much on this. Paying someone to do it for me will I’m sure be more cost effective. Any offers?

    When u people r facing too much problems what would i do(since i m totally a technology illiterate)?
    I m pondering over to buy a bluehost hosting service which is supportive to wordpress. But what would i do if i face problems in installing wordpress?

    bluestocking…please quit posting with bold text (<strong> </strong>).

    If you have problems installing, detail those problems here in a new topic.

    Also review Installing WordPress.

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    leuilletten, I notice in your profile that like me you’re in the UK. If you’re still having issues installing please contact me via the site in my profile. I’d be pleased to help.

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