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  • Hi,

    Right now my database is filling up rather quickly, at the moment it is 5.3 MB. I’m not sure what the database limit is but what do I do when the database fills up completely? Is this even possible or can the database be infinitely large in size? If so then is it possible to add additional databases to a wordpress site?

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  • I’m asking the same dam ?s
    My DB maxs out at 200MB
    I ask my host what do i do when i hit that 200MB with my WP
    they toled me i dont know?

    i asked them can one WP blog access more then one DB
    they toled me that WP does not Support at this time
    so i dont know what one does when there DB is full but i would like to know.




    This thread has some tips on removing excess baggage from your database.

    This page has database suggestions as well as other tips for speeding up a blog.

    If you can, run this query to see if you have a lot of revisions:

    SELECT post_type,count(1) FROM 'wp_posts'
    group by post_type
    ORDER BY 'wp_posts'.'post_type' ASC

    If you do, you might be able to save space by running the query shown here:



    A new host might provide you with more space.

    Moving WordPress

    Hay Tahnks for the tips
    I never new that the revisions add up over time
    I do have one plugin called “wassup” thats taking up a lot of space & wish i could just make it pull from some other DB.
    with my host i can make as many DBs as i want they just cant go over 200MB.

    I wish WP can use more then one DB.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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