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  • All signs point to learning JavaScript right now. With the rise of HTML5, node.js, Jquery and more. JavaScript seems like the language to learn for the future and to be honest it just seems right to learn it. I mean how many times have you seen the dynamic trio, HTML CSS JavaScript. How often do you see HTML CSS PHP. Anyways I don’t see how I can make use of JavaScript now, unless I am handcoding. I mean are there any CMS out there now that render HTML5 and/or use/forcus on JavaScript. Wait let me explain about the whole CMS thing. I am a very inexperience and am getting into web devlopment for freelanceing mainly and possibly a job. For me writing a web page using only a text editor is an intense task for the kind of websites that people would expect from me in this modern day. And while I know Very basic HTML, CSS, and some very basic javaScript(Just started learning). I don’t see it practical to hand code a complex site for my client and maintain it that way. But if I use something like wordpress then life becomes easier for both me and my client because then I can easily teach my client how to add content very simple in wordpress as opposed to waking him through code or doing it my self. Today websites are becoming more complex and because of this it seems to me that using a CMS makes more sense. But wordpress is based on PHP not javaScript, and I have already taken out time to learn some wordpress and evern made my first site with it. I have also taken out time to get into JavaScript and am starting to wrap my head around it. Now I have a problem. If I will use wordpress should I still take time out of what could be devopment time to learn JavaScript because of what I read and people say or embrace PHP because my content management of choice uses it and becaue it’s so wildey used. Also all complex websites that I have seem use some sort of a CMS. But what about all these new HTML5 sites. I mean I see a lot of demos for HTML5, Jqurey, and node.js. Where all those Hand Coded? Is Hand coding the only way to implement HTML5 right now? At the end of the day I am looking for some direction in all this.

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  • PHP and JavaScript are completely differeny langauges and are used for completely different purposes.

    JavaScript is used for client-side functions. This is mainly things like animations, hsow/hide and other fancy stuff to make a nice user experience.

    PHP is a server-side language that does processing and outputs HTML code to the browser. It does the background processing and does all of the grunt work.

    If you’re going to use WordPress, you should look at learning at least some basic PHP so you can do the modifications that you’ll need to do. As far as things like HTML5 go, I’d wait until there’s a reason for you to use it because there’s no point in getting right into something new like that when you aren’t going to use it and you’ll most likely forget most of it before you do anything with it.

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