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  • urbantribers


    Hi, hope I can get help soon.

    I have started a acc few weeks ago and I found out I can install theme that I bough some where else. then I did install the wordpress 3.31 using MAMP and now I could use my theme, but I don’t know how to publish my page.

    can I merge/transfer my current together? so that I can use this same domain and also the theme I wanna use.

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  • Elan Technosys


    You can’t publish your site from localhost you need to buy a domain and hosting to publish your site.



    ok. so I can now delete my previous wordpress right? since I can merge it. correct?
    and once I get domain and hosting, I need to have a host with wordpress support also right?
    thanks by the way!



    You can’t use as that’s actually a domain, but you can buy another name.

    You can delete it after you’ve successfully transferred that data over, or you will lose all your existing posts.

    The host you choose needs to have PHP and MySQL support. Here’s the page which tells you the requirements.



    got it! now I totally understand how to use it and what it is all about. ha.

    Thanks Man!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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