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  • Hi,
    Out of about 85 posts on my blog, I have updated and changed about half of my permalinks to pretty permalinks. I am still changing the rest. I’ve gone ahead and activated the ‘Redirection Plugin’ during this changeover.

    My question: Google is showing 122 URL Errors (404s). Am I supposed to do something after activating this plugin?

    In the installation instruction, step 5 says to “Configure the options from the Manage/Redirection page” but gives no information on how what to configure? Am I supposed to go in and transfer each redirection myself for each new and old URL?

    All my pages seem to be working OK on the blog so will Google Webmstr 404’s just fix themselves? If I keep changing my permalinks (have about 40 more posts to change), will this plugin redirect them automatically?

    My Site:

    Thanks for any advice you can give!!

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  • All my pages seem to be working OK on the blog so will Google Webmstr 404’s just fix themselves?

    I don’t know about the plugin, but if things are being redirected correctly Google’s 404 report will eventually clean itself up. It takes a long time– something like three months– for Google to forget about a 404 error though.

    Thanks so much for the response!

    So if my blog pages load ok when on the site, does that mean that google can find them or do I need to submit another sitemap? Currently I’m using “BWP Google XML Sitemaps” plugin. Does this automatically update my sitemap to Google or do I need to go into G. Webmasters to update so Google can find these new URLs/Permalinks?


    If your sitemap has the wrong URL you should update it. I’d go to Google Webmaster tools and resubmit it.

    I just came from Webmaster tools and before I resumbitted, it gave the following message:
    “We were unable to read your Sitemap. It may contain an entry we are unable to recognize. Please validate your Sitemap before resubmitting.” and it says it detected this on June 15th. If I go ahead and resubmit a new sitemap, do I need to “validate” it as it states or do anything in WP? Currently my plugin (BWPSitemap) submits it automatically and since updating to pretty URLs, I haven’t changed anything with that sitemap plugin. Do I need to before hitting Google’s “Resubmit or Add/Test Sitemap” button?

    Thanks so much for all your help!

    If BSPSitemap is creating the sitemap, and Google thinks the sitemap is invalid, you should probably figure out why. It won’t do you any good to have a sitemap that Google, and maybe other search engines, can’t use. The fact that the sitemap is submitted automatically, really doesn’t matter if something is wrong with it.

    OK, thanks for the help again s_ha_dum…. Makes sense and good point.

    I am still a bit of a newb with this stuff so I really don’t know how to figure out the ‘why’ of causing it to be invalid. I have a thought… can I simply deactivate the BWPSitmap Plugin and reactivate it? Or Deactivate it then install the other Sitemap plugin “Google XML Sitemap Plugin”?

    My thinking is that if I undo the bad one and reinstall with a good one, it should be correct?

    If this is stupid thinking on my part, how can I find out what is causing so I can fix?


    OK, I just went into WP Dashboard to BWS Plugins and chose the option below to following:

    “The sitemap file is already exists. If you want to change it for a new sitemap file check the necessary box below. In other case all actions will be performed over an existing file.”

    “I want to create new sitemap file”
    “I want to add sitemap file path in robots.txt”

    After I clicked these two option boxes above, it asked to save changes to Google Webmaster account so I guess I’ll see if it corrects sitemap as I understand it now has sent an updated one to Google… hopefully it works!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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