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  • The reason why I’m posting this that Im seeking some advise on how to plan and organize a plugin development project. I would really appreciate it if you’ take 5 minute of your time to share me your thoughts on my current challenges.

    In the coming weeks I’ll start developing a premium search plugin for Buddypress. This is the first time that I’ll undertake a project of this magnitude. Just jumping into it without a good action plan is asking for major trouble, frustration and difficulties. I want to implement a system for managing the project.
    I intend to hire a small team to work on my project. What are some agreements and coding standards used by programmers to organize and manage a project? There must be some standards and rules of conduct, in case a team member is replaced by someone else, the new member can pick up his work without much trouble due to the well laid out system. I want to break down my project in small pieces but I don’t know where to start.
    Here is my checklist of things that I think are important to discuss prior to development:
    • Database table structure
    • Plugin folder and files structure
    • Localization strings
    • Needed technology (i.e. js, jquery) and implementation.
    • String name standards

    1. Are there things that I might have forgotten or that you’d like to add to the checklist?
    2. How do you go about developing a plugin?
    3. And do you know of websites that have some good tips on how to start developing a plugin in a structured fashion?
    I really appreciate the time you’ll take to help a fellow man in his quest for growth and success.

    Ignatius Jeroe.

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