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  • Resolved adisaputro25


    First thank you for create this awesome plugin. I have question. This plugin have keyboard shortcuts?, so i can finish my work quickly.

    Thank You

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  • Plugin Author Michael Aronoff


    There are no keyboard shortcuts currently. I will see if that can be added though.

    Subscribed. Very usefull option that can speedup my work.

    Plugin Author Michael Aronoff


    I have just posted a new version. Not only have I added the keyboard shortcuts but they also work even if the buttons are turned off in the admin page.

    Sometimes TinyMCE can get very crowded with buttons from plugins so I wanted to be able to turn off any (or all) of the buttons and still have the functions work. I hope you like it.

    Thank you for upgrading this plugin.

    But after upgrade, buttons not showing and plugin not working. I using php7, nginx 1.10, WP 4.8.1. Hope you can help to solve becase before upgrade, plugin can working perfectly.

    @masterk thank you for update!

    Fresh plugin install and only this plugin activated:

    All Uppercase (Ctrl+Shift+u) – keys (YES), button (YES)
    All Lowercase (Ctrl+Shift+l) – keys (YES), button (YES)
    Sentence Case (Ctrl+Shift+s) – keys (NO), button (NO) – now it work like Lowercase (so, it didn’t capitalize first letter of each word)
    Title Case (Ctrl+Shift+t) – keys (NO), button (YES)

    Your shortcut has conflict with Chrome keyboard shortcuts
    Reopen the last closed tab, and jump to it – Ctrl + Shift + t

    @adisaputro25 try to deactivate all your other plugins and check keyboard shortcuts again. Possible that this shortcuts has conflict with some WP plugins or even Chrome plugins (for example, if you use The Great Suspender you need to remap keys for it). Or may be this is the problem with PHP7 support by this plugin.

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by  Ivaseg.
    Plugin Author Michael Aronoff


    I did a TON of testing before making the new version live. On PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.1 as well as on many sites with different plugins.

    @adisaputro25, I am not sure what the problem is but it must be a conflict. It should work even with the buttons disabled as I mention in the readme. Please disable any other plugins that modify TinyMCE as a test. If you can help me narrow the problem I will work on it but as I said, I have it working on everything I throw it at.

    As for the Chrome keyboard shortcut conflict that @ivaseg found. I can confirm I see the same problem now. Of course I somehow missed that in my testing 🙁

    After looking at lists of Keyboard Shortcuts for Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge I have decided to change the shortcuts to Ctrl+Alt. I really like using shift since we are dealing with capitalization but there are simply too many conflicts.

    Sorry for the need of a quick fix everyone, but at least I am trying. 🙂

    @masterk if it’s not hard to do, you can do next: set by default keyboard shortcuts and add an ability manually change this keyboard shortcuts (so it helps in situations where someone would have a keyboard shortcuts conflict). But this is optionally.

    PS: updated to 2.0.1 – all works fine for me. Thx man!

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    Plugin Author Michael Aronoff


    @ivaseg, making it user configurable is actually hard, but I will look at it later on.

    I am marking this thread resolved for now. If anyone has any trouble please start a new thread with details and any testing you have done.


    Oops Im sorry, this plugin conflict with my php script in functions.php, now i can fixed it and working perfectly.

    Thanks for update this plugin and add new features, but in the plugin setting still show Ctrl+Shift+__, it must be Ctrl+Alt+__.

    Plugin Author Michael Aronoff


    I have fixed that on the admin page. That is what I get for pushing updates out so quickly.

    Can you be specific about what the conflict in your functions.php was? That way others can know if it happens to them.

    I was disable devicepx from Jetpack plugin to speed up my website loading using this script:

    function dequeue_devicepx() {
    wp_dequeue_script( 'devicepx' );
    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'dequeue_devicepx', 20 );

    When i remove that, this plugin get working.

    Plugin Author Michael Aronoff


    Strange, I use something like that and had no problems.

    Try this:

    // Remove jetpack script
    function ciic_remove_devicepx() {
        wp_dequeue_script( 'devicepx' );
    add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'ciic_remove_devicepx');
    add_action( 'admin_enqueue_scripts', 'ciic_remove_devicepx' );

    Using your script, i had no problems and plugin can working normally.

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