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    Hello support team,

    I just installed the latest version 3.0.3 of ShopMagic with quite a few problems and I am really frustrated!

    Why on earth do you have to introduce your own GUI, which then doesn’t even work properly (more below)? What’s wrong with the standard Worpress editor, why do you have to use Tiny here?

    The GUI completely contradicts the language of the rest of the WordPress backend and makes it uncomfortable and visually … let’s put it kindly: inappropriate.

    And what happens with links in mail texts? Why is there a “https://mysite.com/track/sm-click?…” in front of every link since v.3? User tracking is definitely deactivated in the settings and should therefore NOT take place! Not only that this should not be inserted unasked, it also leads to the fact that manual links (eg mailto:) no longer work.

    About the problems with the GUI:

    In the overview of “Automations” the icons to “Dupicate”, “Export” and “Delete” are not shown.

    In the Tiny editor, under “View – Source code”, the window is displayed so wide that it is overlapped by the WP side menu.

    Existing mail texts are not taken over with the correct HTML code, e.g. paragraph marks are missing.

    Error during update:

    With the activated plugin “ShopMagic Expamle” fatal errors occur (white screen). Since this snippet collection also comes from you, a test here before an update would have been really good.

    I love the plugin ShopMagic, but with the V.3 you have done yourself and your users no favor!

    In summary:

    1. the old GUI was functional and suitable for WP, you could have accommodated the new layout here.

    2. the tracking in front of the links must definitely be removed!

    3. Tiny should be able to be removed in the settings.

    4. existing mail texts should be taken over without errors.

    5. bugs in the new GUI should be fixed.

    6. if you still support your ShopMagic Example, please adapt it to the new version.

    In the production shop I will stay with the last V2 version as long as possible.

    Many greetings

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  • Plugin Support damianmachnik


    Hi @zappob,

    First, thanks for taking the time and reaching out to us. I apologize for all the errors which you encountered. We’re working to fix all of them as fast as possible.

    I’ll try to do my best and answer all your questions.

    Starting with the new GUI. This decision was based by feedback, which we gathered from lots of our users. Additionally, we wanted to introduce UI which will be more, let’s say, platform-agnostic. Not to mention that we wanted to introduce dashboard as well as some graphs, which simply required new UI. Especially if you want to create something which will differ from your competitors, and we definitely wanted to do that.

    Still, while designing it, we wanted to do more like an evolution, rather than revolution, and to let you feel the old UI in the new form. All these changes and features (SM3 is not only new UI but also but open/click rates and WordPress integrations to name a few) introduced in SM3, were created with users in the first place. That’s why, these are available for free, and part of a free plugin version.

    You can stay with SM2 if you like, it’s up to you. If previous version worked out for you, and you do not need any from the new features as well as future upgrades, feel free to stay in previous version.

    Tiny was always a part of ShopMagic. What do you see and use in Shopmagic 2.x is Tiny 4, while ShopMagic 3 simply switched to the newer version, which is Tiny 6.

    In terms of potential UI bugs (some icons are not visible), we’ll investigate that. Thank you for reporting them, as none of our tests and beta phase encounter icon-related issues.

    Speaking about links (track/sm-click?), it is part of the new open/click rate feature, but you are right. We’ll add an option to disable it in the plugin settings, as well as fix mailto: links. I’ll get back to you about this next week.

    Lastly shopmagic-example plugin. Currently, we are polishing Migration Guide in our documentation and are close to publish it. After that, you can take a peek and update this custom extension if you want to use it. Along with that, we will release an update to our shopmagic-example plugin, to heads up correctly everyone willing to extend ShopMagic on their own. If you’re using a new version, temporarily deactivation of ShopMagic Example plugin will solve this problem.

    Once again, thank you for your feedback. I’ll keep this thread open, and notify you about any fixes and improvements which you reported.

    Plugin Contributor Bartek


    Hi @zappob

    I just wanted to inform you about the current progress in ShopMagic.

    With release of 3.0.5 we introduced a suggested setting to disable email tracking. You can head to ShopMagic -> Settings -> General and turn it off (it’s enabled by default).

    You can also check out updated example of ShopMagic extension on our GitHub account: https://github.com/shopmagic/shopmagic-example

    You also mention an issue with icons in GUI – could you post a screenshot of those invisible icons? We were unable to reproduce this circumstance in our environment.

    Thread Starter ZappoB


    Hi @bartj,

    thanks for the info, I installed V.3.0.6 in the test shop and found the email tracking option.

    After some trouble (settings would not save) it seems to work now.


    Many greetings.

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    I’m having the same issue re: email tracking, but no matter what I do I cannot get the settings change to save. Every time I come back ‘Enable email tracking’ is checked again, and my automations continue to send emails with links that do not work. This issue is screwing up my ability to easily fulfill digital sales, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thread Starter ZappoB


    I was as frustrated as you at the start. At first I thought the option was fake because every time I left the settings and went back to it, it was active again.

    After playing this game a few times (about 5-6 turns), the settings were finally saved and tracking was actually removed from the links.

    But the developers should take a closer look at this malfunction.

    Dang, okay. I’ve tried several times and no luck–but I’ve done it intermittently. I’ll try it consecutively and see if that does the trick. Agreed about the developers needing to fix this. Thanks for the reply!

    Plugin Contributor Bartek



    I’m sorry to say, that we’ve acknowledged this bug. On the bright side – it’s going to be patched in 3.0.7 release coming soon.

    Best regards,

    Plugin Contributor Bartek


    Hi @zappob and @aebenstein

    Latest plugin update fixes save issues — you are now able to disable email tracking without troubles.

    Awesome, thank you @bartj! I just did a test and the settings saved (and my automation links work again)!

    Thread Starter ZappoB


    Glad to hear it, unfortunately the above points are still open:

    1. In the Tiny editor, under “View – Source code”, the window is displayed so wide that it is overlapped by the WP side menu.
    2. Existing mail texts are not taken over with the correct HTML code, e.g. paragraph marks are missing.


    Plugin Contributor Bartek


    We are still working on those improvements. I know, I ask for a lot, but with a bit more patience we will be able to polish the new version and actually introduce improvements, we hope you will find usable.

    Best regards!

    Thread Starter ZappoB


    Thanks for coming back to me. I will wait.

    Just for cosmetic reasons: can you hide the “File” menu in the Tiny editor?

    Plugin Contributor Bartek


    Sure thing, TinyMCE is supposed to be our upcoming main focus, and we have already come to conclusion that File tab in menu is irrelevant 🙂

    Thread Starter ZappoB


    Good to hear. The souce code editor may then also work responsively.

    Regarding point 2 above, the following information: line breaks and paragraphs are (still) missing in the source code view, but the source code of the mail is still correct. How can this be?


    Thread Starter ZappoB


    And just as a reminder:

    In the overview of “Automations” the icons to “Duplicate”, “Export” and “Delete” are not shown.

    This icons still not showing up. Do you use a special font?

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