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  • I have successfully been editing a plugin PHP file locally before uploading to server. All was going well and updating properly, but suddenly the website doesn’t react to changes in this specific PHP file any more. It’s as if the specific PHP file has been cached somewhere on the server (I doubt thats possible though).

    Any changes I make, are not reflected on the website plugin page any longer (I have no idea whats going on).

    When I go to edit the file from admin->plugins->editor, it says for this specific file:
    Editing wordpress-ics-importer/cal-functions.php (inactive)
    I’m pretty sure (inactive) has something to do with it. I tried to delete the content of the file, but then the page that displays the plugin displays an error (…naturally). I also tried to delete the file, but that also messes up the page of course – Just making sure it is actually using this file!

    Im going nuts here – What does (inactive) mean for a plugin file? The plugin is obviously active, and the other editable files in the plugin are (active). Am I missing something?


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  • What does (inactive) mean for a plugin file?

    The plugin is not currently making any changes to the site’s display. a plugin may be automatically deactivated if it contains syntax or other fatal errors that would otherwise bring the site down.

    Thanks – of course that sounds logical. It does not explain why the plugin is working though, and displaying output from this specific file, and when I delete it, I get an error …

    Must be some bad karma – Ill just have to digg more at it!

    Hi there,

    Suncat100; I’ve recently had this problem. Its because you are trying to edit the php files of the plug in whilst it is ‘Activated’ in the plug-ins page.

    Unfortunately, the damage is done and the only way I have found to remedy this (if you still need to make changes) is to uninstall / re-install the plug in.

    Hope this was useful,

    I have this same issue today. I wondered why it says plugin “inactive” when it is clearly active? The plugin appears to be working just fine. The only issue I have is that changes I make within the plugin editor (via WordPress dashboard) are not taking effect! I assume it’s because the plugin says “inactive” because that’s the only oddity wild card here. I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling like randomgift suggested, making sure to make my plugin edits before re-activating the plugin! Will let you know the outcome here.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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