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    Alright, I recently installed WordPress on A2 Hosting, version 5.03. The first acts I took were to copy over posts from Google Plus to my own domain giving that Google Plus is, well, being turned off due to gross negligence and excessive incompetence.

    However… my attempts to copy posts over were, well, fraught with even more questions. Copy/Paste did not behave as expected.

    The default behavior of WordPress itself… a simple to use text-editor with rich-text support… was also missing. In it’s place was some odd confusion of an editor that insisted that headings, paragraphs, and other such details of posting be handled separately. Furthermore on the default behavior of the WordPress installation once I had set a paragraph… if I set a heading or title later… I couldn’t move that heading or title up ABOVE the paragraph.

    When I started trying to copy-paste… the “box” behavior turned even more obnoxious… adding additional formatting to plain-text copies that didn’t exist.

    In short. It was a mess.

    So I hit DuckDuckGo with the search term “TURN WORDPRESS BLOCKS OFF!”

    According to DDG… this plugin… this… trainwreck that nobody likes… is now the default editor experience for WordPress.

    Now. I don’t know if that’s true… and I really kind of hope that it isn’t. I have no intention of actually installing this plugin to see how it compares to whatever the default 5.03 writing experience was supposed to pass as.

    What I did do is install the Classic Editor… and now WordPress behaves again.

    Look, I’ll be blunt. I’ve used WordPress for years on different sites and I’ve had no reason to look at other blogging systems… but if this… Gutenberg plugin is really where WordPress thinks they should be going for post creation? Then it’s a destination that I don’t think I’ll be joining.

    If anything, thanks for giving me the motivation to see what blogging systems are out there that are interested in attracting writers.

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