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  • I need to create a website where…

    it will have static pages with info on them,
    a section for the sites news/blog and articles (by the site, not by the members),
    a section for a forum where people will discuss
    a section where people will be able to upload their own photos (so other can see them and maybe comment)

    optional : maybe a section where people can add their own youtube video (not hosting the vidoes on my own website)

    ( and so I guess this means aslo a section for membres profiles, or at least a simple page where we see their latest 5 discussions and their photo albums – maybe)

    With your own opinion… wich system should I use for this project ?
    Worpress, Drupal, Joomla, Expression Engine, Php Fox, Elgg, Dzoic, a pimped forum, …

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    Using WordPress and adding bbPress should take care of most of that.

    Wp will allow you to place the blog on a separate page and you can have static homepage and other pages. bbPress is forum software. There are plugins available for photo and video and user pages but I’ve not used any. Someone else could clue you in on whats available.

    You might try out buddypress ( on top of a wordpress mu (multiuser) installation.

    This is the descrpition of PHPFOX profile which do that and much more.
    However their Blog section is very weak, so you could even integrate WordPress into the site (MU or single, whatever you want) and you have already a very powerfull site with all those sections and more.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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