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  • I started my blog on, and soon decided to move here for numerous reasons.

    The site is still live, and gets some traffic.

    My question is; Should I delete the old site or redirect traffic to my new self hosted site?

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  • Several things – but you could export your posts from the WP.COM site and import them into WP.ORG.

    Dashboard >> Tools >> Import / Export

    Then make a last post that says “I have moved to here” with a link to new site – then mark all of your old Posts and Pages “Private” so they can’t be read and cost you search engine traffic for duplicate content.

    Clean, neat and anyone that goes to old site ends up on your new site.

    What about the tags; Will the search engines still be able to find the tags? Are tags not considered content?

    Also set the blog site Privacy to “block search engines” then at some point your old site will pretty much fall out of the engines.

    Dashboard >> Settings >> Privacy >> block search engines allow regular visitors” – but if you only have one Post everyone will stop there and go on to new site.

    Not really sure what to say about Tags but I would think they are relatively generic and with no content they should also get ignored – also just put a plain Text Widget or something in the sidebar if Tags are default on the sidebar – it Tags and Categories are not on the front page they should go away in a whlle.

    If it’s the same niche, I would probably just do a redirect. So any user going to the old site would just be sent to the new one.

    How to you do a redirect?

    It looks like this will do a redirect. Warning it does not look straightforward. One of these easier to tell someone else than do it things. If you were self hosted it is one line of code or a simple change in your control panel.

    Yes domain mapping would probably do the trick.

    I’ve already deleted the old blog, so I won’t have to do it.

    Thanks just the same for the link though.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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