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  • Hello,

    I was recently asked by an individual to build out a wordpress blog…

    specifications are as follows…

    He wants plugins,google analytics, google ad sense, RSS Feed, feedburner applied…

    pretty much the deliverables are as follows…
    Installation of WP on LAMP server with plugins and customization as described above.
    Short instructions on where to login with what to add blog entries, administer comments,
    banning users, etc. The usual admin stuff!
    Some URLs with links to general FAQ’s instructions which are best suitable for learning
    the WP/blog editing environment.

    Can someone please provide me with what you would charge hourly or for the complete project. It would be highly appreciate. Thanks!

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  • whooami



    is your time worth the same amount as my time?

    How familiar are you with wordpress? 4 months here ..and your own site is well .. at least its upgraded.

    While I am happy to see you ask, it’s nice to know you dont want to gouge this person, that’s an awful hard question for anyone to answer.. and going to be much harder if you got 10 answers.

    what would you do then? Take an average?

    Ok then.

    people that are exceptionally good at what they do — they get to charge by the hour. Most people don’t fall into that category. Why? because being exceptionally good means your also speedy.

    An expert at something can charge $75.00 an hour with a 2 hour min.

    People that arent experts ought to charge by the job.

    I see 6 tasks listed above none of which involve any heavy theme modifications. I’ll be honest –were it me, I would probably quote them $200.00. Im pulling that number out of my a$$ but since they want google adsense well they may end up making a fair amount of change off ads, you never know.

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