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  • Hello,

    I have a problem figuring this out,

    I sell products with WooCommerce, and the ”product description” is at the bottom of the editor page called ”short description” and here is where iv’e been adding all my info about the product..

    However, i installed YOAST SEO, and it does not notice any of that text in the SEO, everything is RED. I tried one thing and copied and moved the ‘short description text to the top ”long description’ and then YOAST SEO went green…

    The theme i am working with is called ‘flatsome theme’ and the ‘short description’ ends up under TITLE and price, just like it should and the way i want to, but the ‘LONG Description’ ends up in the ‘tab area under images…

    I am wondering where i should put the product description for my items?

    Since i am new to this, i would like to start out at the absolute best i possible could without making big misstakes now in the begining..

    Many thanks from Sweden.


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    The developers and users of this plugin would be the best people to ask. It also allows the developers to be aware of issues with their code. You can reach them here:

    You are getting way to hung up on the little green mark there. Sure, it’s great and all, but as you’ve seen, it doesn’t mean much in the “real world”. All it really says is “yes you’ve got some text on your site that doesn’t look quite so SPAM’y”.

    If the text that you are using gets a green icon when you paste it into the main text area, they jsut use that where you want to, and it will all be fine. Remember that Google doesn’t care what field the text is entered in, just that it’s on the page.

    Hi, well it is not that i get hang up. It is just that i want to make it right from the start and aoptimize my stuff right away.

    Since there is 2x areas where u can put text in when you edit a product it is a bit confusing. The first part area Yoast for example likes. And the second area ”short description” that shows up on product page where it should ‘under the title and price” that does not include in Yoast at all.

    I mean, the important info about an product is to the right/left of the images, under the title and above ”add to cart”.. That is standard everywhere..

    So thats why i was asking that ‘what should i put in the first area’? Since that text will be highlighted under the images in the product tabs.. And that is not a nice place to have the important description..

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    Do what makes the most sense for presenting your product well to humans. Don’t worry about yoast, it’s not seeing the entire picture. When Google crawls your page, it will see both fields, so you’ll be fine.

    If the yoast feedback is useful to you, as a trial, put everything in the field it sees. If it’s happy, re-organize the fields for what’s best for your human customers. Yoast may go red again, but that’s because it can’t see both fields. Google will see both fields though, so it’s all good.

    Hi, thanks for the explained answer.

    Just to make sure i understand everything right,

    Google will still crawl my info/text that i put in ”short description” and rank that text just as high. So in other worlds, it will rank my page/product just as high when having the text in ‘short description’ as it would if having the text in ‘first text area, that Yoast likes’…

    I am totally new to the WordPress world, coming from Shopify & Squarespace were there is only one box to put the text in, so i have never had to think about this kind of thing before.

    So i hope the questions is not to annoying…

    Many thanks.

    OK so this is a very good question that has not been answering and I doubt that anybody has an answer for this but if so I would appreciate a complete answer to all of you techies out there who I would assume know what the answer should be. I also have the same question which box do you fill out with the product description in. Should it go in the short description box? If you put it there the description shows up in the empty space next to the product picture. But when you put the description in the top section it shows up underneath your product picture which does not make any sense. I would appreciate an answer to this question if there is anyone out there that has a solution.
    Thank you

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    side note to @dennisht1,

    please do not jump into other topics. If the troubleshooting already posted made no difference for you, then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic.

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