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  • This is first time I am doing website.
    I have install WP in rootdirectory, and start working on website.

    You guys are much more expereince in WP themes than me, will you please adivce me.

    1- I would like to have slide (just like soliloquy or something else) i have find not all theme have such luxury.

    2- Left hand sidebar for blog,archieve, photo glary, articles

    3- Above bar menu

    4- footer (usual for other info)

    Thank you so much

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  • There are a lot of themes that fit what you are looking for, and everyone has their own personal preferences with regards to themes, even ones that have the features that you are looking for. Try doing a tag search through the WordPress theme directory. For the slider, you could probably find a plugin that inserts one if the theme does not support it natively.

    I personally like the Montezuma theme because it is very customizable. It does not come with a slider, but it is easy to add one using a plugin. However, I don’t necessarily recommend this theme for a beginner unless you are willing to invest some time in learning CSS, HTML, and how WordPress templates work.

    I also like the Customizr theme. It has a built-in slider, and is also very customizable. The support from the developers on their support page is also very good.


    Thanks for the reply, I was wondering if someone drop by or not.
    I do played with “Montezuma” yesterday it looks brilliant but I was confused as I looked at Montezuma Options. But if you says it is easy, I will once again try it. Do you know any tutorial or demo or screenshots showing how to explore the theme?

    As per your suggestion, I did search through selecting my priority, and I find one theme called platform

    I will look for your next response. Once again thank you.


    But if you says it is easy, I will once again try it

    By easy, I mean you can easily put it almost anywhere you want: header, footer, sidebar, main content, better than other themes. In this site, I was able to easily insert a slider into the header. In this site, I was able to easily insert a slider into both the header and the main content area.

    However, you have to be able to understand and edit code (the virtual templates), you have to learn about the CSS grid that the theme uses to be responsive. That’s why I also added the note that the theme is not really for a beginner unless you want to invest some time in learning it. There is no online tutorial or documentation that I know of, other than what is included in the options page.

    I am learning, spending many hours now. Since many things new to me, probably my pace is slower. I hope i will catching up in reasonable ways.

    I really like to go with
    this theme.

    what you say about this?

    Platform is a nice looking theme. I have never used it. I just tried installing it to give it a look, and it seems to be OK. That’s one thing about WordPress themes, by the way. You can switch around and try different ones and not lose the contents of your site.

    There are a couple of things that worry me about Platform:

    1. They don’t seem to be very active on their support page. Many questions have gone unanswered for several weeks. I see that they offer a premium version of the theme; I wonder if they just answer questions from premium customers.
    2. The theme is not responsive. That is, if you look at a site using that theme on a mobile device (smart phone or tablet), the site does not rearrange itself to fit in the smaller area. Mobile users would have to scroll to the side to see the entire site. This may or may not be an issue for you if you don’t plan on supporting mobile devices.

    @BobbieBell – Hello there.

    Somehow I received a notification to a closed topic for Magazine Basic, so I’m responding here.

    I see that you’re starting out and wanted to clarify things. I’m no longer using Magazine Basic. I think it’s a great theme that allows for different customizations for pages and categories. I happily used it for a couple of years, but things change. I wanted to try something else. The current theme on is a premium, or paid, theme. I didn’t want to link it since the theme like likely change in time.

    The best thing to do when learning is to keep trying different things out – like you’re doing. The process gets faster with time.

    Best of luck. It’s fun to play and learn with WordPress!

    Hi Keyalea

    Thank you so much for your response, indeed my post was also deleted by someone. We are also thinking to buy the premium version so to have much of theme in own hands. But for that I really like to understand this theme. That was the reason I asked you couple of questions.

    However if you still remembered how did you make feature post in the home page of Magazine Basic theme, would be much helpful for me.

    Here is separate topic i opened about this question.

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