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  • I modifed a 2nd sidebar.php but for some reason its pulling in the old one as well, I have not found any pages that pull in the sidebar by default is it another area I should be looking ?

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  • Like in the case of any design/layout question – without knowing which theme did you modify, nobody will give you an answer.
    What is “2nd sidebar.php”? How are you calling the second sidebar file? Give as much info as you can…

    I followed one page template example duplicated page renamed to snarfer.php and did a php include for header2/footer2

    and called a page with the template snarfer.php everything appears to switch over nicely but the default sidebar stays and when I use an include for sidebar2 it pulls it in but the old one remains as well,

    my attempt was to remove the categories on the new template leaving just the pages in the side bar

    then for the other would have only the categories

    I decided to just duplicate the default theme and work from there,

    added a header2.php and a sidebar2.php and duplicated page.php, all seems to be going as planned in the get sidebar call i changed to include sidebar2.php but for some reason its not working, i can get everything else but the sidebar

    Are you sure you didn’t leave the call for the old sidebar in the template?
    The “normal” sidebar.php is called by a WP function:
    get_sidebar – did you delete it?

    i got it working now, worked better once i used a copy of the default theme

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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