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  • Hi, I am new to wordpress and I am attempting to create a fitness blog/site/community where members pay a fee for access. I’ve found several plugins for membership, profile, and/or community capabilities however I’m not sure which ones would work the best for me. I would like a simple membership plugin (s2member was looking very promising), members would need to have a profile page where they can fill out information (i.e. weight chart), and also a simple forum. Would this be possible with just s2member and bbpress or would I need something along the lines of aleph, mingle, or buddypress? Thank you for any suggestions.

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  • ctf I have no affiliation with any of these plugins, just wanted to give a bit of feedback,

    S2 member seems to do most of the things you need but does not seem to have a front end profile page, ok users can edit profile without going into wp admin but still be nice to have a pretty profile page inside your theme! but it does have easy pay pal buttons etc

    Mingle does have front profile but support aint great well IMHO anyway, and custom info seems to dissapear.

    I’m currently looking at buddypress myself but its a biggy! though apparently its easy to use some aspects and not others

    One thing to consider is do you already have a wordpress theme you want to add buddypress to? if so I would look at

    good luck let me know which road you go down

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